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 Prayer Ceremony–55 minutes

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Message from The Divine Message,

Channeled by Cindy Lyndsay-Rael 14 minute

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Please enjoy the  FREE OFFERS and GIFTS from our presenters.

Free Healing Transmission

Join Cindy Lindsay- Rael right after the world call for a free hour of connection to the Divine Mother and a healing energy transmission.  Receive the light of the Divine Mother for whatever healing need you have (physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual). Have a picture of your favorite deity with you and splash your face and hands with water before calling in.  Immediately after the Awaken the Divine Self call— call in for this experience in Mother’s healing energy. Email Cindy to Join her mailing list.

Dr._Sharron_StroudDr. Sharron’s Prayer with musical background

Dr. Sharron Stroud’s Sunday Prayer for All Faiths which has been given all over the world.  It is a Prayer of Oneness and Spiritual Connection linking humanity as One. Dr. Sharron Stroud has been an International Speaker for 45 years and was honored with TOP 100 SPEAKER'S OF THE WORLD AWARD.  She was just acknowledged as the International Woman of Year 2012 for her work in the Humanities by the United Cultural Convention, and given the HUMAN RIGHTS AWARD by the City of Palm Springs where she serves as the Spiritual Leader of InnerFaith Spiritual Center Worldwide. Download the link here.

Eliana_GiladFree Gift: Instant Energy Kit and Sublime Healing Music attuned to the vibratory rate of the earth's rotation.

Eliana Gilad's live ancient musical keynote presentations, healing music, mentoring and information products business began in 1994 after she moved to the Holy Land to revive a forgotten secret use of voice and rhythm as natural healing tools that. help people connect to their inner well of wisdom. Gilad loves sharing her abundant gifts: Miriam's Magical Well of Calm Online Oasis and Retreat, healing music workshops around the globe, musical keynotes and composing unique wordless music at the ancient sites for use as a unique personal gift and for film and media projects. Gilad inspires change makers to extinguish their burnout and reignite their burning passion for life. Claim your healing gift here.  Website.

Stephanie_GunningManifesting Peace and the Grateful Heart–Free Audio from Stephanie Gunning

Gratitude is powerful because it helps us transcend the duality of the world and ordinary human consciousness. Presented for The Great American Think Out, this seminal lecture draws upon recent research in the fields of biology, neuroscience, chemistry, anthropology, psychology, and sociology to explain how a conscious personal practice of gratitude can begin to create a more peaceful world for everyone. Help Yourself to this Free Audio

Hand-crafted Cool Belt Buckles by Visionary Designs. Save $25

Wear your art. The  metal belt buckles are divinely inspired from paintings, which artist Nancy Minger photographs, laminates and inlay into each belt buckle. Each one is unique and look great on both men and women. They are 3" in diameter, & can be worn on a 2-3" inch wide belt. Please call or e-mail if interested. (Website and more products coming soon!!!)  Makes a great Holiday Present. Orders early to recieve on time for the holiday. or call
760-409-5798. Regularly $100, for you $75 plus shipping.

Holiday Offer for $50.00 –  "Positive Pairing" Online Interview & Consultation

Questionnaires for a each partner (couple) interested in being interviewed for the book that Mary is currently writing on on working with strengths-based couples. In addition, a 15 minute follow-up consultation with Mary to assess the couple's readiness for a "Positive Pairing" interview to be included in the upcoming book.  Mary Garvey Horst, M.A., L.I. S.W. is a "Positive Pairing"coach who specializes in working with committed couples wanting to deepen into a more "generous and spacious" partnership that mirrors the best in one another, as well as to invest the love they share for and with others.  Mary is both experienced and highly skilled as a psychotherapist and life coach. Contact Mary.

Soul – Your True Self: Celebrating Your Divine Nature

'Love's True Home'  by Sri Gawn Tu Fahr, is a contemporary literary gem sparkling with a zesty blend of irreverent humor, timeless wisdom, insightful prose and romantic poetry. Hundreds of original, inspirational passages provide succor from the trials and tribulations of everyday life, elevating every heart to breathtaking worlds of adventure, love and joyous spiritual freedom. Sri Gawn Tu Fahr's writing has been described as Rumi on a rocket, Eckhart Tolle out of control, Einstein looped on wine, Dr. Seuss tanked on juice, Kahil Gibran totally gone, Aristotle on the bottle and Ghandi with the Wind. Help Yourself to a Free PDF Copy of Love's True Home.

If you Live in the Local Palm Springs Area. Take a Breath!

Rediscover what it feels like to be vibrantly alive and in love with yourself with Breathwork therapy. Breath is the energy that fuels all of life. Its a way to clear up the effects of old traumas and negativity. In 3 sessions you will feel more energized and have reestablished a new command over the cell- consciousness and take things out of opposition to your happiness and feel the flow of the life force. Gala Mitchell has over 20 years of experience in healing with bodywork and breath work. Learn more about Gala.

Retrieving Your Soul's Intuition – Free Meditation from Asia Voight.

Asia Voight is an internationally known Animal Communicator, Intuitive Counselor, Teacher, Inspirational Speaker, Radio Host and Author. Asia connects with animals on a soul level to help resolve emotional and behavioral issues and assists them in deepening their bond with their human companions. She also helps people to reconnect with their own intuition, healing ability, potential and life’s purpose. Asia’s work has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox TV as well as countless radio shows like Rick Lamb, Coast-to-Coast, and Hay House Radio. Do you want to…Discover the unique gifts you were born to share with the world? Feel at peace and comfortable in your own skin?  Design the life you know you were meant to live? Enjoy this Free Meditation CD.

2012 – The Stargate Opens to Heal Self Love

Dr. Robert Pease is an internationally renowned transformational life coach, psychic, intuitive numerologist, seminar leader and author in spirituality and self-realization. He has taught and coached in meditation, healing and life purpose for over 28 years, drawing in audiences from all paths of life. Robert holds a PhD in mystical research and metaphysical philosophy. "Spiritual Bootcamp: This Is Your Wake Up Call," is a toolbox of resources for guidance to full potential living. Learn about Robert's Specials Here

End of the Calendar Specials from Renee – The Gift of Healing Lasts Forever

As the old paradigm shifts, enjoy these drastically reduced specials. Available during the entire month of December.  2012

Awakening or Dooms Day, You Decide! Renee's latest Blog Post


45 minute Soul Card Reading

Give a Gift that everyone loves to receive; a healing that spans a lifetime. 45-minute Soul Card Reading with Renee Baribeau for $111. Book Today or Receive a Gift Certificate for someone you love.  Email Renee for moe information.  Buy 3 and get one Free.

Womb Class with Cindy Lyndsay Rael Ph.D 

Audio Download. Awaken to your divine feminine in a class designed to expand your awareness. This is the full 10 hour  Tele-class of "The lloq'e Power of the Womb." This course explores the energies of creation, the womb, and womb chakra. The womb chakra is the stronger and more powerful cusco of women – the seat of power for all women. This divine power is recognized in Inka traditions as the left side of the mesa–the lloq'e side–which is the domain of women healers. Energizing the womb chakra and engaging its divine nature propels a woman into her divine power.

Cindy Lindsay Rael ( has worked for 12 years immersed in the traditions taught by Swami Kaleshwar of India. She is a graduate of Soul University in Penukonda India and a certified teacher and healer. Her reverence for the Divine Energy of thr Mother and her understanding of creation energies in this tradition is deep and powerful. This is her final shamanic class and is only available here.

This week only. Only Save $188   Buy today  $111

Understanding Prophecy by Maria Teresa Valenzuela

In December of 1531, a Dark Mother known by the name of Virgin de Guadalupe appeared to a peasant by the name of Juan Diego. She asked him to ask to the bishop to build a chapel on the old sacred site where the Azteca worshipped the Goddess Tonantzin. Today this scared site sits on the  hill of Tepeayac in the outskirts of Mexico City. Her apparition continues to be celebrated every December 12. As a Dark Mother of Mexico, she is also one of the most recognized Goddesses in the world, bringing forth a consciousness of cultural pride, equality, faith, freedom, and artistic expression.

The apparition of the Virgin of Guadalupe came to the people of the Aztec culture in a great time of Prophecy. Learn about these prophecy with Maria Teresa Valenzuela. She will be offering a prayer for our 12/21 celebration.

Regularly $19.95  Today  $11.11

 Navigating Change – A Weekend Workshop in Palm Desert

March 15-17, 2013. Spend a weekend with Renee Baribeau, the Practical Shaman, and Suzanne Faegol. Using the transformational dynamics of the Awakening Compass © and Archetypal Energies, you will be taken through a process designed to transform every aspect of your life. This inspirational workshop will be held in an intimate setting with gourmet healthful lunches provided. This course is limited to 16 people. Save $50 when you register by 12/31/12. Register now.


Jump Start 2013 with a New Vision

The Practical Shaman's Vision Board Kit. This hour long class provides instructions and a visionary meditation to help you create a map and prepare for the New Year. Includes an audio download and a PDF hand-out to get you started. Great to do with a group of friends or family. Join Renee on Sunday, January 13th for a day of joyous visioning. Save $25 when you register by 12/31.

Regularly $19.95  Now only $11.11

Building Authentic Relationships

Raise the BAR in your business and personal life. 22 Self-Employed Business Owners share their success stories. Learn how to maintain your lifestyle while developing a unique corporate brand. 10-hours of quality content from Social Entrepreneurs teach you bow to balance your every day life while evolving your business relationships and developing a strong client base.

Regular price $49.  Today only $11.11

"Developing an Authentic Brand" Home Study

A five hour workshop designed to help you develop a powerful and effective Business Brand. Course work includes: Introductory lecture, 5-one-hour classes, guided healing exercise, manuals, and practical marketing strategies and tools. Class is conducted by Renee Baribeau, Suzanne Fageol and Arlette Capel.

Section One: Overview of all aspects of the branding process including social marketing. Suzanne will introduce the archetypes and focus on speaking about archetypal energies most commonly found in the business arena.
Section Two: Working with The Archetypal Energies.
Section Three: Energy Clearing.
Section Four: Developing your Brand into an Effective Design.
Section Five: Overview of Social Media Strategies to Market your unique Brand.

Regularly $197  This week only  $111

Save $400 on the Journey to Mexico in May 2013

 By popular demand we will repeat the Sacred Plant Medicine Journey to Mexico. 2013 dates are May 22-28, 2013.  This offer is good till 12/31/12  and will be secured by a $500. deposit. Learn More about the trip here.

Insiders Guide to Peru – Audio Series Class

Seven hours of insightful information from leading experts on Peru. A spiritual tavelogue will take you to Cuzco, Lima, Lake Titicaca Machu Picchu and beyond. Listen to Elizabeth B. Jenkins – bestselling author of two books on the INKA Tradition, The Cycles: 2012 in the Inka Tradition with Jorge Luis Delgado, Sacred Sites of Peru with Jamee Curtice, Linda Fitch – executive director of the Four Winds Society, The Despacho Ceremony with Stevi Belle, Rosario Sarria – Traditional Temascalera (traditional sweat lodge guide) and Heart-Based Learning for a Head-Strong World with Bonnie Glass-Coffin.

Special Price $11.11

One Month of Business-Life C​oaching with Renee

Buy 3 sessions with Renee and Receive 1 for Free.  We will work together in renewable, monthly increments to make lasting changes in your body, mind, and spirit. During this process we will uncover both your passions and your blocks. We will then set achievable, prioritized goals in the following areas of your life: Business, Personal Relationships, Wealth, Spirituality and Health.

12/12 prayerDecember 21 – A Call to "Awaken the Divine Self"

Join us in a Free World-Wide Ceremony on 2/21/2012 at 11:11 am (pst) as we usher in the shift and merge with the energies of the Divine Feminine. 9 spiritual leaders will offer a four- minute celebration prayer. This tele-summit will be anchored with a live fire/drumming ceremony in Palm Springs, CA. Renee Baribeau will conduct the celebration.

Buy Now for $11.11

December 22 – "Relationship Marketing"

Boost your Business Success using "Relationship Marketing." Our 5 week workshop provides you with dynamic, cutting edge tools and personal guidance. Join Networking and Social Media Gurus Renee Baribeau, Suzanne Fageol and Arlette Capel on a journey to help you achieve success in your business relationships. The first class commences on January 10, 2013 at 11 am (PDT).

Save $200.  This week only $197

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