Imagine being blinded by a wall of shifting sand while crossing a desert during a violent windstorm. In order to successfully navigate this journey, it is essential that you allow your inner voice to guide you. Before the Muslim religion became established in Ancient Turkey, the wandering tribes (“Yörük”) were Wind Believers.

At the core of their beliefs was a deep respect for Nature. Wind-slapped and dizzy from hunger, these people meandered slowly across the ever-changing landscape during their annual migration. For days, powerful, dust-laden windstorms (Simoom) would blow violently, constantly shifting the sand, and obliterating most landmarks. During these storms the desert herders relied on their intuition to guide them safely to their destination.

Yel means wind, and Ana (Ene) means mother. Women were the caretakers of homes. They oversaw the survival of the community, and were responsible for conducting tribal rituals. As the feminine aspect of the wind, Yel Ana represents a mothers patience for her children.The appearance of Yel Ana in your life signifies that a Simoom may be blowing. Yel Ana is asking you to bolster your faith and listen to your inner voice before proceeding.

This is a time to pause, reflect, and be patient. Like the herders traveling through the desert, Yel Ana is asking you to bolster your faith and listen to your inner voice of wisdom before proceeding.Click To Tweet

Nomads were keen observers of constellations; they waited out sordid windstorms and traversed harsh, ever-changing landscapes using the temperate night sky as their map. Yel Ana is beckoning you to carefully observe your thoughts; they are important markers that will guide you during your sojourn. Like shifting sand in the wind, thoughts may mutate over time. Self-mastery requires patience to see the truth during the ever-changing phases of the moon.

If Yel Ana is pelting your backside with grains of sand, be on guard, because your mind may be playing tricks on you. HALT, before proceeding and ask, “Where am I out of sync, am I hungry, angry, lonely or tired?”


Yel Ana’s appearance in the south indicates that you need to hunker down, stay put, keep your mouth closed and listen. Relax and pamper yourself. Know that when each individual is safe, secure, and healthy, the entire community benefits and flourishes.

Emotions can be like lone mugwort bushes in the desert, exposed to natures harsh elements. Yel Ana’s screeches can be heard above your cries when she appears in the contrary position. Seeds may remain dormant, while you survive the drought. Pain can be the patient fruit of the caper bush, slowly ripening, waiting for the wind to shift.


To an untrained eye, the desert is a homogeneous landscape with no distinguishable features. To a keen observer, however, there are subtle clues and signposts that lead to one’s intended destination.

The goddess Yel Ana asks you to organize, nurture and protect the physical space inside your home. Like the nomads who created wind blocks with their tents, Yel Ana is suggesting that it is time to create a safe and secure environment, which is essential for the well-being of yourself and your loved ones.

When a project feels like it is at a standstill, Yel Ana may be blowing in reverse.

Everything always happens at the perfect time. Click To TweetEven a change in your diet, exercise, or habit has it own cycle, and the harsh wind blowing against your plans is the precise force of nature. Sometimes doing nothing is the best way to surrender to the wind.


Seeing clearly when the Yel Ana is blowing in the North requires you to trust in a power greater than yourself. It is time to penetrate the deeper aspects of your inner self through ceremony and ritual. These components are necessary if you want to achieve balance and joy in yourself, your home and your community. All joy stems from within and floats outward on the breath of the wind.

In reverse, Yel Ana signifies a barren, yet bruised landscape. This a time to pause, reflect and determine if you are manifesting your dreams, wishes and aspirations. What is full must be emptied. Ask Yel Ana to enter your life and show you how to manifest peace, unity and harmony in your life.

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The goddess Yel Ana asks you to organize, nurture and protect your home, which is essential for the well-being of yourself and your loved ones. #wisdom

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