Yaponcha- Hopi- Moderation

Yaponcha dwells at the foot of Sunset Crater in the crack of a black rock.
If Yaponcha shows up in your life, it is possible that winds have been blowing incessantly in your life, and you are now ready for a change. It’s time to restore balance in your life.

In Hopi lore, the people of the village were distraught; their crops wouldn’t grow because Yaponcha’s energy wouldn’t allow their seeds to sprout. Two little fellows were sent to talk to him. After traveling for several days, they reached the mountain where Yaponcha resided. After sealing the crack in the rock with corn meal mush to prevent him from blowing, they were quite proud of themselves. Within days of their victory, the air in the village became dry and hot. Soon the villagers felt suffocated and realized that moderation is the key to growing healthy crops and a maintaining a vibrant community. The little fellows were sent back to the crater to remove some of the corn meal, so that the proper amount of wind would reach the village.

Ever since that day, the Yaponcha has blown just enough to keep the people happy without destroying their crops.Click To Tweet

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If Yaponcha shows up in the East quadrant of your Awakening Compass, it is time to pray, and ask the right questions regarding your attitudes and beliefs. The best way to achieve balance in your life is by asking what, how, when and where. Things are not always black and white. Examine your attitudes carefully and find a path that will lead to a life of moderation.
Whirling thoughts may be a sign that Yaponcha is blowing against you, and preventing you from moving forward. Center yourself and become still like the eye of a hurricane. Ask yourself what is required in order for you to move forward with calm and confidence.

Be ever alert, because your pride may be like that of the little fellows in the Hopi story above. They were proud of conquering the wind, laughing all the way as they headed back to the village. Look beyond the glory of your personal achievements. Will vanity and momentary pleasure nourish and sustain your crops?
Feelings of anger and self-righteous may cause you to justify certain actions, but this may be an indication that a counter wind is blowing against you. This is a time to pause, and offer prayers to the Yaponcha. Wait for him to subside before taking deliberate action. Be calm and walk in Peace.

The appearance of Yaponcha in the western quadrant might indicate overindulgence in certain areas of your life. Excessive eating and drinking may leave your fields barren, or you may be denying your body much needed nutrition. Using the wisdom of your hands to craft, cook, or work in the garden is an excellent way to restore Balance in your life.
Shortness of breath or forgetting to breathe may indicate that the winds of Yaponcha have stalled. Stop, relax, and take a few deep breaths before proceeding.


Your ability to make rain depends on the strength of your devotion. Yaponcha comes as a chilly North Wind reminding you to sing, dance, laugh and pray. Practice your devotion daily, year after year, during work, at home, in the fields, and during ceremony, to reinforce your success at growing corn. Become willing to discover the right intensity of wind in your life so you do not become stagnant, or so forceful that you blow out the light of your own dreams. Take an Artist Date, spend time in a museum, gallery, or with your own creative pursuits. It is time to remember your dream and vision.
Have the seeds you planted, failed to grow corn? Y aponcha’s swirl comes as a reminder of gratitude. Signs may be as subtle as a fallen feather, a light breeze, or unexpected phone call. Harmony for the community may require a personal sacrifice.

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Moderation is the key. Time to restore balance in your life.







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