You know that there is greater purpose for you here. You’re guided by a deeper sense of connection to the spiritual. You hunger for connection. You’ve meditated from your chakras, you’ve healed personal and generational wounds through Reiki, you’ve expanded your consciousness studying the teachings of greats such as Eckhart Tolle, Gary Zukav, Carolyn Myss, Abraham Hicks and more. And yet, it all has started sounding the same.  You no longer get the same charge from new lectures, retreats and learnings, and you feel as if you’ve grown stagnant.

Your path needs a real awakening, not from a mountaintop in Tibet or a cave in India, but right here, in your messy life, with your piles of laundry, unpaid bills, imperfect partner and demanding kids.

The true challenge to any transformation is not what can be achieved “out there” in nature, in silence, or in meditation, but how to maintain that groundedness when faced with the usual challenges of day-to-day life.

How will you navigate the changes ahead?

As a shamanic healer with a bevy of highly successful C-suite business clients, I needed to find a way to teach energy work to people who weren’t going to spend two years in the jungles of Peru or pray with the Sioux in Inipi ceremonies. Rather, my clients wanted transformation that was easy, quick and practical.


What is the Wind Work®?

The Wind Work® is a step-by-step pathway to transformation that deeply grounds you in both the spiritual and physical, so that you can joyfully achieve all you desire. It teaches you how to tune into the present moment and receive the learnings waiting for you there. As such, it is always new, fresh and accessible to you at each and every moment.

Imagine this. Two people set sail from Los Angeles to Hawaii. One fights the wind at every turn. The other works with the wind, guiding her sail, making course corrections as needed. Which sailor reaches her goal? Perhaps both do. But the sailor who learns to use the wind as her guide experiences joy, awareness, connection and presence with every squall.

I used to be like the first sailor, fighting the wind, arguing with reality, white-knuckling my way to my goals. And, even on the rare occasion that I did succeed at reaching my destination, I could not appreciate the journey nor the arrival. Rather, I would always be looking for the next goal, the next accomplishment.


But the Wind Work® changed all that. Just as ancient mariners navigated the seas using a compass, map and wind power, the Wind Work® uses these three tools to navigate inward to deep personal awareness and transformation. Your smooth sailing success happens when you learn to read your awakening compass, become familiar with the territories of your personal map, and learn to access and harness the energy of the wind.

And its approach is systematic.   As a shamanic healer to top business executives, I know how to strike the perfect balance between the woo-woo world and its paint-by-numbers practical application. My 5-Week Wind Work® Mastery Program teaches you step-by-step how to use each tool to access and apply the learning in each moment.

The winds have much to teach us. Using the wind as your guide, you build deep roots that allow you to weather any storm.

Consider this. In 1994, a biodome was erected in Arizona to replicate the flora on Earth to see if it could maintain human life in outer space. Inside the biodome, the trees grew really well and tall and were flourishing for quite some time. The scientists marveled at how well these trees were doing. But about 10 years in, the trees all fell over dead one day and they could not figure out why. They ultimately realized that the trees did not grow roots because there was no wind in the biodome.    

The wind may shake everything to the core, messing with our best laid plans, but in doing so, it reveals our true essence, our unshakable core, and helps us build roots that anchor us and at the same time, give us the flexibility to bend with it.

Your 5-Week Wind Work Mastery Program

The Wind Work® Mastery Program is a practical step-by-step 5-week online training program that helps spiritual seekers find the success and happiness that has eluded them in each area of their life by harnessing the power of the wind.

In this program I will personally guide you to wisely use the ways of wind knowledge.Once you have these three elements of Wind Mastery — your compass, map and the wind — you will never be lost or stranded again.

Renee Baribeau Book Signing Hay House

Your Guide, Renee Baribeau, The Practical Shaman, author of Winds of Spirit

I’m Renee Baribeau, known by most as The Practical Shaman, and Hay House best-selling author of Winds of Spirit.

My life had been filled with as much success as failure, from running my own restaurant (oh, yes, I’m a chef too) to going broke, to owning several homes including my dream cabin on the Saratoga Passage.

I was striving to be recognized and it seemed for every step forward there were at least two back. In fact, I felt like I was literally running uphill, and against the wind. I kept wondering: is life supposed to be this hard? Then one day four years ago, it seemed I had my big break through at last. I’d entered an essay contest for a book called Pearls of Wisdom featuring personal growth luminaries such as Jack Canfield, Marci Shimoff, and Janet Bray-Attwood.

And I won! My story Creativity, the Recipe for Awakening was selected. Suddenly, my wisdom and my story, was being published by a mainstream publisher, replete with promotional events and online publicity. I was on top of the world!

Renee Baribeau Book Signing Hay House

MI fully expected this to be my spring board to my brand as the Shaman Chef. I could see it all coming: the cookbook, the cooking show, the guest appearance on Oprah. My time had come at last! Once again my dreams were squelched, when I did not make the top-ten finalist for the Next Food Network Star and did not land the book publishing contract in the Next Top Author Contest. Then my family disowned me for “airing out the family’s dirty laundry.” I felt wind slapped, just like the day after the grand opening of my restaurant, when my father and business partner had a massive stroke.

And like you, I deserved to win. After all, I’d renovated a house in the slums with my own hands at 20, then I lived in a Transient Hotel in NYC in order to begin my cooking career. I believed if I worked hard enough the self-hatred would dissolve. I was a good person, dedicated, and hardworking but still, REAL SUCCESS eluded me. WHY?

Every idea I ever launched, gained momentum at the onset, then the wind died. Doldrums set in, and I began thinking that maybe I was defective, floating aimlessly in the sea of life.

Then one day, while walking along Ebey’s Landing, in Washington, listening to the wind howling through the Douglas firs, I realized that being able to bend with the wind is not enough. We should also be able to move gracefully through our lives like sailboats. Yet, as we do so, different energies impact us. Some of these forces are external and some come from within.

Every moment is an opportunity for us to reset our inner compass, not only in space and time, but also physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Navigation is a creative act. By responding appropriately to the various winds that blow through our lives, we can become adept sailors, capable of navigating to any destination of our choosing. I began again, this time writing a book that would inspire others who like me, had felt shipwrecked.

She’s the channel or the conduit to help make it practical and accessible and tangible. Because I think when we all stand outside in the wind we can have a nice time or experience, like flying a kite or just feeling a cool breeze in the summer, that’s an experience, but Renee has a whole set of tools from all of her experience and shamanism and personal growth that she weaves in with using the wind as the ally or the means of support. That’s what makes it unique. It is her background.

Brigid H.

From that day forward, I promised myself I would figure out why real success and happiness kept eluding me. I would understand what the hell I was doing wrong. And that is how Wind Work® was discovered

Let me be clear. I did not create this work. Rather, it was revealed to me and all I’ve done is follow the thread of revelation from ancient wisdom to practical application. This is what I do best and why I’m called The Practical Shaman.

As a shaman, I guide you to live your life in harmony with all things, living, non-living, animal and human. As a practicalist, I give you real tools and methods to bring this rootedness into your daily life. 

A Grounding and Process to Approach Change and Personal Development

>This ancient body of knowledge is a life navigational system that allows you to easily and quickly sail to the harbor of your heartfelt dreams and goals. Just like any good ship’s captain, to do this effectively, you need three things: A Map, Compass, and Wind Power. Once you have these three elements of Wind Mastery, you will never be lost or stranded again.

Your smooth sailing success happens when you learn to read your awakening compass, become familiar with the territories of your personal map, and learn to access and harness the energy of the wind. Those elements are highly practical manifestation tools that I explain in my five week Find Your Way Home Program.

In this program I will personally guide you and a select few to wisely use the ways of wind knowledge.


Over the course of my spiritual seeking, this ancient Wind Work® was revealed to me. I spent the last few years translating its revelation into a step-by-step system that you can apply to your own personal awakening.

I have written about this system in my bestselling Hay House book Winds of Spirit, and now, in this five-week course, I take you by the hand and guide you through its principles. Nowhere else can you get this training.

And, as a master community builder, I have assembled and engaged an eclectic online community of like-minded experts and spiritual seekers that hold each other accountable in doing this work. The community is unlike any other, and its ability to both catalyze and support your transformation is worth 10x the cost of the program.

Renee has a really diverse community, but again, they’re mirroring her energy. They’re very open and genuine and compassionate people, and also practical. The winds themselves, doing this work, I have a new sense of inner strength and groundedness. I feel really rooted. It’s come from doing a lot of these practices that come with the mastery program. They take you inwardly to explore maybe where you need a little bit of fine tuning.



Sure, you can read a book, or tens of books for that matter, on personal transformation, practice its principles, and even experience an awakened moment or two. But few to none of these books provide such a stepwise pathway to transformation that is reliable, immutable and at the same time, changes at the direction of the wind.

Further, and perhaps most of all, my students seek me out again and again because of my uncanny ability to be direct, get to the heart of a problem and apply my years of experience and learning to guide you in your best next actions.



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What You Can Expect From
The Wind Work® 5Week Mastery Program

The 5-Week Wind Mastery Program will begin on April 2nd (Additional Schedule: 4/2; 4/9; 4/23; 4/30; 5/7) at 3pm(pdt)

  • There will be 5- WEEKLY video webinars. You will receive the recording.
  • You will receive a worksheet during each class.
  • “Half measures avail you nothing,” is a wise AA slogan. If you engage this process,
  • the winds will have their way with you.
  • Plan your time accordingly. Set aside 2-5 hours each WEEK to receive the maximum wind power you need to make changes to shift your life course.

Group Participation is essential for maximum program benefit. There will be a private Facebook group for current course participants only. Group assistants will be introduced at the beginning of the course. Your input will be an important part of the deepening process. Renee will check in on the group daily. If you require one-to-one support for your growth, opt in for the smooth sailing and premiere navigation level of this course. From a recent participant. “Group brought a sense of ground to work that can easily leave one destabilized.”

Renee’s very honest and she’s authentic and I feel that she shares her humanity as a teacher. She never puts it out there that she has all her shit together all the time. To me that makes her relatable. Yes, and she’s very direct, which I appreciate, and she has a lot of skills that I know I need to learn. – Heather

My life completely changed once I started my sessions with Renee. Her no nonsense, straightforward approach was the catalyst I needed to start making positive changes in my life. Renee offers spiritual and practical tools that you can immediately put into practice to witness impactful personal growth. My confidence increased, I’m now able to maintain a loving committed relationship and she helped me create healthy boundaries in both my personal and professional life. Renee is a unique grounding force who has a special gift for insight.


Television Executive




The Tools: The Map, The Awakening Compass, and the Agency of Wind. Learn to Whistle a Wind, Discover your Wind Ally for this Five-Week Program.

  • Pre-Course Work will be sent 1-week prior to the Beginning of this course.
  • Visioning Exercise: Dismembering Your Ideas
  • Stocking your Ship: Identifying what to Bring, and what to Leave Behind is an important part of the change process. You will identify your prevailing question for the wind.
  • Wind Spirits as Helping Allies
  • Dynamics of Creativity: HOW You PLANT Your Seeds for Springs


  • Wind Archetypes: Over the course of the program, you will invite in Wind Gods/Goddessesto assist in your transformation.
  • Land Sighting: Selecting a measurable goal for this work
  • Receive an Energy Seed for Transformation and Growth
  • Inventory of Assets and Liabilities


  • Spending Time Alone in Nature
  • Working with the Winds of Forgiveness
  • The Power of Ritual and Ceremony


As part of my training as a medicine woman, I spent 3 days and nights on the mountain under the elements, without food and water. During our work together, you will do your own mini vision quest. This is an important part of the process.

  • Making a New Map: GOAL SETTING
  • Whistling a Wind: Working with a Group Wind for vision.
  • Sailing the Seas: Into Action: Accountability Partners and Planning


Wind knots were tied to help sailors reach their intended destination. Create your own wind knots to assist you in your transformation process.

  • Wind Knots: Managing Intensity: Working with Energy.
  • You will actively engage the energy stored in your knots.
  • Course Correction tools
  • Back Winds: Part of each cycle includes push back from the winds. Are you prepared?
  • Whistling a Wind: Choosing a new Wind for the Year
  • Wind Divination: Keep yourself on Course: How to Read and Apply Your Winds of Spirit Cards


  • An introduction to Mastering the Winds of Change in Your Life
  • Tools for Removing Resistance
  • Energy Seed Transmission
  • Tools to Ground your Vision
  • Intuitive Soul Guidance
  • Individualized Map, with Proven Tools for Success.

I already had a strong meditation practice and I have a yoga practice and I have a “go out in nature and be with God practice.” It was the wind and it was this experience and this concept that the wind is a conscious emanating force and that the wind is a messenger of God. I feel like it connected me to some of my own heritage and it opened me up to even a broader experience of spirituality and working with nature as a conscious being, a conscious partner and piece of spirit. –

Heather H

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The Awakening Compass Training

Five-week virtual training program delivered over six weeks.

You will Receive:

• Five 50-minute Video Calls
• Free Access to our Private Facebook Group
• Recorded Playback of Each Call
• Written Course Materials
• Personal Guidance on Group Calls

Weekly Small Group Check-in with Wind Clan Leaders


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A Transformation Unlike Any Other

The winds can be a destructive force, a quieting force and a propelling force. The Wind Work® teaches you how to listen to its instruction, and how to navigate your life in harmony with it.

You have a choice.   You can continue to struggle uphill against the current, fighting the winds at every turn, working your fingers to the bone, getting so close to your goals that you can taste them, but never quite reaching the pinnacle. I’ve been there. My personal story is replete with near-wins and almost total failures.

Or, you can learn to dance through life with the wind. This is the path that has been revealed to me. And I can’t wait to reveal it to you. It’s deep. It’s fun. And it has brought more joy, blessings and yes, success, to me than I could ever imagine.

Look, something brought you to this page today. And, since you’re still reading, I have to imagine that you’re interested or at least curious. As an awakening soul, you know there is no such thing as a coincidence. Did you notice the wind today? Did it stir something in you? Did it sweep you here? The wind has a voice and it is trying to speak to you.

And what it has to say comes from a deep cistern of wisdom already present inside of every living being, every stone, and every tide. It is the voice of Spirit. And it’s begging to be heard. And it whispers, come home to me.



100% Money-Back Guarantee

Transformation by definition is not a “done for you” process. It requires a commitment of presence, study and deep work. Those who work the most diligently will see the greatest results. If you cannot commit to watching the live or recorded class sessions, spending 2-5 hours a week completing the assignments and showing up and being present in the group, do NOT sign up.

The Wind Work® is unlike any awakening process you have ever experienced. It will require all of your openness and vulnerability. It is not for onlookers or tire kickers.

If after our first session, however, you experience resistance to doing the work, and do not wish to continue, email me before our second meeting and I will refund you in full.

You know that there is greater purpose for you here. Learn More here.
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