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Wind Work Basics (Level One)

Four Module workshop based on the Nautilus Gold Award Winning Book

Winds of Spirit: Ancient Wisdom Tools for Navigating Relationships, Health, and the Divine


This Course will teach you to stay the course

NO MATTER WHAT direction the WIND is BLOWIng

TRUTH: Deep down, your soul knows exactly what to do.
You have the answers inside of you.
But you aren’t accessing them.
And you need something powerful, natural, and physically palpable to help you access the answers.


Eagle Taking Flight

Yup, you heard me. You need wind Power.

Like an Eagle who glides EFFORTLESSLY on the wind, you need to allow the ancient, powerful, transformative movement of nature to teach you how to TRULY LISTEN to your soul’s path.

Because here’s the thing:
Your intuition knows what you need to feel really fulfilled. Your heart understands where to go to be successful and happy. But you haven’t learned to LISTEN. You haven’t utilized the tools that help you


  • You’ve accomplished things that you’re proud of, but you can’t seem to find success in the the bigger, deeper goals that would make your entire being absolutely SING.
  • You’ve taken seminar after seminar, read a dozen self-help books, but you try to force and shape “Abundance” into your life from acts of will…and end up feeling powerless and exhausted.
  • You are paralyzed by fear because you’ve learned to “play it safe,” and now have NO sense of what direction to take in your career, relationships, and dreams.
  • You want to do the inner work to cultivate lasting change but instead you find yourself jumping from guru to guru, hoping that one day a mystical word or two will magically give all the tools to growth.
  • You’re wanting to hone in on your universe-given purpose and gifts, but are left feeling drained and exhausted when you try to use them. Walls galore.
  • You feel a deep purpose for being a transformative, empowering presence in the world but are terrified by the current climate of conflict, polarizing beliefs, political unrest, and injustice.
  • You understand the intellectual aspects of tuning into spirit to plot your course, but you can’t seem to figure out the applicable tools to make that connection happen.

I’m sorry,” you ask, “did you just say I need THE WIND?

You just have to learn how to tune into your truth.


 Access your inner knowing with the wind’s gentle assistance

Instinctively follow your magnetic North with the guidance of the wind

Listen to the wind to discover your soul’s purpose

Be gently blown by the wind to the perfect, ordained coincidences and opportunities

You want meaning and connection.
You want to feel FULFILLED and FREE
(and NOT just in your bank account).

I’m talking about that overflowing, joyful feeling when your soul and purpose become perfectly and wonderfully aligned. I’m talking about that restful, energetic sense when you know that your plans are steadily and organically moving in the exact right direction for your life.

I’m talking about that FLOW.

Imagine a life where you:

  • Are free of doubt and completely crystal clear about your life’s mission.
  • Let go of that dreaded anxiety about your calling, and dive into your gifts with passion and joy.
  • Are able to accomplish goals ABOVE AND BEYOND what you ever imagined, because your plans are
    FINALLY aligned with your deeper vision.
  • Aren’t stressed out or slowed down by rough waters and tricky spots because you have developed the calm inner knowing of where to navigate to continue smoothly on your way.
  • Are truly marked by peace and purpose.
  • On a path free of worry and tension.
  • Completely honed in on YOUR unique direction on this planet.
  • Being guided by the quiet whisper, awakening gusts, and cleansing power of the wind.
  • Learning to navigate the changes of life to truly live your purpose is what it’s all about. And I am here to help you do it by harnessing the power of the wind.

What is Wind work®?

Wind Work® is a practical, applicable, navigational tool designed to provide guidance, focus and direction in your life, no matter which way the wind is blowing. This work is about meditating on the energy of something powerfully and physically REAL (the wind) and engaging its natural force to create incredible change, clarity, and contentment in your life. Let’s be clear: This isn’t the same old stuff you’ve practiced in the past. This isn’t meaningless mantras or white-knuckling growth or making a vision board and then sitting back and waiting.

Wind Work is a practical study of specific tools I will teach you to unblock resistance, move through your struggles, and truly harvest bounty in your spiritual journey. Now is the time for pulling the weeds, creating the space for amazing things to grow, and learning how to follow the mystical movement of the winds of change in your life.




Wind Magic and More. During this class you will begin your conscious relationship with the Wind. Questions we will answer. How do I work with the Wind Spirits? When should I call upon a Wind Spirit for Help and Guidance? How do I best integrate ancient wisdom in my current lifestyle? What is my Inner Awakening Compass?


Ordering Experience and Cooperating with the Cardinal Winds. What Direction are You Heading and Why does this even Matter?  Can I shift my Coordinates? How to read the signs and symptoms of your current life Experiences. Learn to Anchor no matter what wind is blowing.


The Wind Work® is the mystical process of working with an age-old practice to intuitively understand the divine work of nature in your life. In week three you will use your growing understanding to go deeper into removing blocks from the past and learn greater understanding about harnessing the energy of the wind to clear out stagnation and restore balance in your life.


Moving with the wind, and using resistance to heal. Keeping Your Energy Body Clear through Gratitude and Forgiveness Wind Work Exercises.



  • 4- hours of Wind Work Training
  • 4 worksheets on the week’s topic to help you take your inner work even deeper.
  • 5 Journey Meditations to assist your process. One Bonus Journey from Sandra Ingerman.
  • Access to our private Facebook community where you can connect with others on the path of self-discovery with a weekly live group check-in.


The Introduction to Wind Work® is valued at over $1400. For just $149 (that’s less than $7 a day–about the cost of a muffin and a large latte!) you can emerge from this summer’s class feeling absolutely revitalized in your business, relationships, and life. Just like pulling your favorite veggies from a garden,

Putting in the time to tend to your current crop is the first step in navigating the winds of change and finishing the Year Strong!

4 One Hour Modules
You will Receive:

• Four 60-minute Video Calls
• Free Access to our Private FaceBook Group
• Recorded Audio Playback of Each Call
• Written Course Materials

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4- One Hour Modules 

You will Receive:

Weekly One-to-One Coaching Call with Renee
• Four 60-minute Video Calls
• Free Access to our Private FaceBook Group
• Recorded Audio Playback of Each Call and Journey
• Written Course Materials

Limited to 4 people.


An Investment $1197

Renee Baribeau:

Renee Baribeau, is The Practical Shaman, a Wind Whistler, and Award Winning Hay House Author. Renee is the “go-to” Soul Coach for innovative change-makers and dynamic spiritual keynote speaker. She injects humor and practical wisdom into her dynamic, inspirational Wind Work® workshops. Renee helps individuals at a point of transformation in their lives. She helps them find their enlightened way of life and guides them towards their true purpose through the wind’s knowledge.

I took the wind mastery class and really enjoyed going “back to basics” in this practical & supportive basics summer class! It helped to deepen what I have learned so far. This work is alive …right where we are in the moment and that makes it new each day. Every time we gather to discuss the winds something new and different seems to be revealed. The wind work has helped clarify so much for me and continues to expand my perspective.


This is a powerful introductory course that will take your relationship with the wind to the next level. Whether you are new to shamanic principles or are an expert, this course will reveal new wisdom to you and take you to your core for deep healing. 💕💕


My life completely changed once I started my sessions with Renee. Her no nonsense, straightforward approach was the catalyst I needed to start making positive changes in my life. Renee offers spiritual and practical tools that you can immediately put into practice to witness impactful personal growth. My confidence increased, I’m now able to maintain a loving committed relationship and she helped me create healthy boundaries in both my personal and professional life. Renee is a unique grounding force who has a special gift for insight.

Kristen Z

Television Executive

An intuitive course informed by partnering with nature, ritual, self assessment and group support that clears the path for optimal creativity, clarity, presence, responsibility and acceptance of the darker parts of the journey

Wind Work Participant

YES! the magic IS real! My life has changed more since I have connected with the Wind Clan than it has with all of my other “efforts”! Even before I understood any of it (and I have a loooong way to go), my self-worth and confidence blossomed. As has my business taken the most positive direction in 10 years.


 I began my journey with Renee when I committed to holding space as a Fire Tender last October I think it was. Well, since these past months, including the 5 week Mastery class of Winds Of Spirit I can say that my life has changed for the better and I’m so much happier .I navigate and trust my messages from spirit! I am grateful for your amazing work Renee!


Your class is exactly what I need right now. The tools you are giving us are fantastic

George M

The winds of Spirit are here to move us through the changes necessary to heal ourselves, each other and Mother earth. This course will give you practical and effective ways to ground your vision into the here and now. It will help you remove the obstacles standing in our way of tilling the soil. It will guide you to plant seeds to be grown and tended to, in order to yield the harvest of your dreams.

 I am an instant devotee to Wind work! It is essential on one’s spiritual journey.

Heather Lee Huff

Don’t look back” Renee held an Online class for Winds of Change in 2018 . The Winds guided me up the Mountain  to my current home ❤💜💛

Julie H

What a powerful meditation tonight. This class went entirely too fast, it was magical. 🙏🏽


This course kicked my butt, it created a side of myself that I had no idea was in me to grow from. Now I will not live without this work. I’ll weave this work into my daily life. I loved the friendships and trust among all involved. Renee says it like it is, she moves, & pushes you to really feel the wind navigation and grow. I’m grateful Renee Baribeau for believing in me.

Wind Clan Member

This course was a deep dive into buried treasure.  Working with resistance isn’t easy but the rewards are huge.  Renee is an excellent guide.  There needed to be trust, and there was, heaps of it.

Wind Clan Member

This course has a lot of wisdom to offer for those who choose to step into the power of the winds to take off and soar 💗


I highly recommend taking one of Renee’s classes.


If you’re looking for a path of direct revelations, I highly recommend this course – and for that matter any course that Renée is creating in her amazing partnership with the winds. I’ve found nothing like these teachings anywhere else! ❤️

Lis N

Last Fall I did the Finish the Year Strong program with Renee. I went into it with some career goals I wanted to tackle and some personal issues that I wanted to experience more healing and peace about. The program gave me the tools and processes I needed to work towards and through all that I brought to the course for tending plus so much more than I could ever have imagined. Still, with just a little over a week left of Winter, I am still experiencing new results and growth (and honestly, kind of blowing myself away!) with the changes that are coming and with much less effort than before. The biggest gift I got from Finish the Year Strong was deep alignment with myself….and more trust in trusting that so that anything out of alignment can fall away. I cannot believe how different I feel in just two seasons and I can’t wait for the Spring program! I feel like I am finally in my body and fully present since I finished the last wind class.

Finish the Year Strong Participant

I must say that my experience has been profound and life changing. I began with Renee Baribeau about six months before her book came out, and learning about the Winds has been an uphill curing and healing process for me. As long as I am willing to be willing, the Winds of Spirit have blown away my dross and led me to clarity. As my process progressed, and the debris of hurt emotions and wrong thinking fell away, the simple power and beauty of the basic Wind Work provided just the impetus necessary to reclaim my own authenticity. I cannot say the process is done – the spiral wheel is always revolving. But I can say that I have reclaimed the power to stand in my own truth.


Purification Journey

An energy refreshment exercise

Summer Campfire at sunset

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