Fall Leaves 2015

A true test of one’s spiritual fortitude is trying to remain centered while navigating through a fierce windstorm.

It’s always easy to be positive and upbeat when the universe hands us everything on a sliver platter.Click To Tweet On a recent trip to the East Coast I was looking forward to experiencing the fullness of the fall harvest that included colorful leaves, a High School reunion, crisp cold apples, a dinner celebration and cider donuts.

Fall leaves were scattered like patchwork over the four states as I traveled toward my destinations. The most lavish display happened on the first day during a stroll through the countryside with a dear friend I’d known since elementary school. Daylight fades quickly in October, that evening I continued to reminisce with old friends from High School, the winds of time were upon us all.

Fall Leaves fill the Blue SkyThe past summer had been very dry which caused the leaves to change colors in random patches still with a vibrant colorful palette. After spending several years in the hot arid desert where a hint of autumn color was rarely exhibited, I smiled each time I encountered a golden poplar tree, or an oak tree fully cloaked in fine russet tones.

Even a rainstorm and cool winds couldn’t dampen my spirits; as it provided an opportunity to stay indoors and help my mom with a computer project. However, it did delay the cider and donuts, which I was willing to forgo in order to complete my “Renee List.”

Moving onward from Maine to NYC, I noticed that while golden hues of reds, yellows, and sienna lined the highway, the rest stops in Maine, MA and NY were cloaked with the scents and hues of pine tree green.

I felt that my inner compass was properly aligned and that everything on this trip was in balance and unfolding as it should.

I was peace, despite some very turbulent winds that were blowing everywhere I went.Click To Tweet Underneath the orange-red leaves of the trees, I sensed uneasiness, an illness and sadness. A pattern of shifting and aging life that matched the dying leaves on the ground followed me like a windstorm throughout the entire trip. My life seemed green and vibrant as a Broadway Play, while so many around me were struggling with the trials and tribulations of everyday life.

What brings you joy?Once I arrived in NYC I experienced my own Simoon. One of my favorite pastimes is to ride the Citi bikes, allowing one to comfortably cover great distances while enjoying the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple, while taking in the impressive skyline. After an intriguing lunch with a friend who offered enthusiastic support for my Wind Wisdom Book, I discovered that my bicycle had been stolen. The docking station had registered my attempt to lock the bike, but the port was broken and the bike was nowhere to be seen. Just that morning I had reminded a client that no matter what may be happening in the outer world, spirit always resides within.

Needless to say, my task was to walk my talk. As I walked calmly back to my place, I pondered the experiences of that day. Much to my surprise I ended up having dinner with dear friend, at the same place where a memorial for a dear friend had been held the previous year. I was not able to attend the service back then, but yet here I was, exactly one year later. Despite the attempts of the blowing sand to blow me off course, spirit had intervened and led me to where I was meant to be.

The next day I reached my final destination in the countryside, where chilled cider and delicious cider donuts awaited me.

Life is full of ups and downs. To succeed in life it important to be flexible, knowing that although the winds may sometimes blow us off course, if we trust spirit and hold on to our hat, we’ll reach our destination safe, sound, and much wiser.


During this trip, the I AM Symposium was playing in the background. This is a world wide online event that I co-hosted with my colleague, Stephanie Gunning.  The theme of the event is overcoming Adversity to Wake Up.  The winds have a great sense of humor.  Here is my talk. https://thepracticalshaman.com/IAMRenee140


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