Winter Solstice Wind Whistling Ceremony

Reconnect with the Wind.

We can learn to navigate life as our ancestors did by awakening to our innate internal compass, which is aligned to the Earth’s magnetic energy. Fifteenth century compasses were inspired by nature, and the information they provide is still relevant today. The wind taught sailors how to navigate the sea. The directions on Aristotle’s compass card were wind points, and pin locations were determined by the location of the sun in the sky on special days such as the equinoxes and solstices. Even in the endless ice and snow of the arctic, hunters relied on wind patterns and the sun to find their way, and farmers have long relied heavily on the solstices to determine planting cycles.

Since the first utterings of the wind, people have sought universal truth. The study of weather has fascinated humankind since the beginning of recorded time. Temples and pyramids also reveal an understanding of the sun, moon, stars, and winds. Wonder creates a sense of awe.

To do this, become a close observer of the natural world. Begin with wind. As we reclaim our ability to hear the wind, we will intuitively receive guidance and direction. Remember the same frosty wind that caresses your face in the darkest hour of winter will soon make its way elsewhere on the planet, arriving as a fresh summer breeze. Wind is an inherent and persistent reminder of the sacredness of all life on this planet.

This year’s brutal and uncompromising storm season is a reminder that we should take nothing for granted. Although we have mastered certain technical aspects of our environment (indoor heating, air-conditioning), the past year’s events remind us that mother nature can easily erase everything.

By introducing or restoring ritual in your life, we naturally begin to live in harmony with all of creation. Light will return to our planet when we collectively move forward with a stance of a compassionate heart, for ourselves and others.

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