Replay–Wind Whistlers for Standing Rock

After the circle was cast, the winds of reason were summoned. The Inner Wind of Oya, was called to remove any resistance, and prayers were offered for the highest good of all. Wind Whistlers from around the world participated and sent blessings of Peace to the Protesters and everyone else involved at Standing Rock. Watch here.

Together we will send healing winds to the Protesters at Standing Rock, with the intention of helping them preserve  Water for All.

This is the preparation for the ceremony to set the intention.


Twenty-Five Minute Ceremony. 

 This is an important moment in America’s History and we will use the magical, healing power of prayer to help.  

Download Prayer Suggestions to Send Healing Winds to the People at Standing Rock

This week, Oya has arrived as part of our healing session, and again for the Weekly Winds of Spirit. It is evident she wants to be included in our prayers. 

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