Sitting still in front of an altar day after day isn’t an activity that appeals to everyone. Fortunately, for these good folks who prefer to “straighten out ones thoughts” when they are physically active, Wind Walk is a great way to go[i]. This practice works best when your solo purpose is to be present with the wind while you walk. In the course of my life, I have met many people who find peace by hiking, gardening, and wind walking.  Feeling confused at the age of 30, I was advised by my therapist to ask myself a single question, put it aside, and then take an evening walk. She claimed that I would feel better and receive guidance after a lengthy stroll. The book Winds of Spirit (Hay House, Feb 2018) is inspired by, and many chapters were subsequently rewritten, after an evening’s Wind Walk.

Wind Walking keeps your body aligned to magnetic north and is a great way to find answers to life’s pressing problems. I tend to take these grounding meditation walks by myself, later in day, which keep me present and centered. During this contemplative time the Winds of Spirit know they will have my ear.

Here are a few suggestions to help you get started with this practice:

  • Find a time that works best for you. Routines keep you on track. Good habits prepare you for whatever winds may be blowing. As a line cook, I was taught to perform simple repetitive tasks, so that when the restaurant was full, and tickets filled the window, my good habits would assure that every plate was consistent and I never drowned at sea during the storm.
  • Leave your electronic gadgets at home. As you cross over natures threshold go alone, leave your phone, tablet etc at home. Nature offers a symphony of healing music for those whose inner ears are open.
  • Ask a Question. Wind Walks can provide intuitive guidance. Step out the door, ask one simple question, examples: what is the prevailing wind in my life, or where should I focus my attention and open your heart, mind and soul with the breeze before walking. This will ensure that you have spirit’s attention. You will actually feel the air nudging you to move forward. Notice the speed and intensity of the moving air.
  • Walk wherever you are. If you live in a city, even a groomed, tree-lined park can reconnect you to nature. If you are in a big city, remember to be aware of the leaves moving in the trees, look up at the sky, and watch as the wind changes the color of the swaying grass. Is the breeze moving with, or against you as you walk? Ideally, walk for at least 20 minutes.
  • Pay Attention. Answers come in many ways. Look for signs and synchronicities. While you will always feel better following a Wind Walk, the answer to your question may come as a surprise. Engaging in this practice on a regular basis will help you to become a competent sailor, who follows the guidance of the winds of spirit.
  • Thank the Wind. Gratitude is the key to happiness. Gratitude aligns you to the perfection that already exists in your life. Wind is the essential element that sustains all life, so remember to say thank you. Every answer you will ever need awaits you in the Winds of Spirit.

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[i] Mary Ellen Chase, Words of Wisdom and Quotable Quotes By Dr A.N.P. Ummerkutty Chennai, (India:Sura College of Competition, 2004), p 91.






The book contains simple exercises that will offer you a Direct Experience of the Divine.



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