Wind Clearing with Vēja Māte, the Latvian Wind Mother

Wind Clearing with Vēja Māte, the Latvian Wind Mother

Wind Washing is nature’s supreme cleanser that effortlessly strips away all excess energy from your body’s energetic field. It can be done virtually anywhere – in the privacy of your home, or outside in the wind for faster results. With your inhale, invoke the Latvian Wind Mother, Vēja Māte, for comfort and divine intervention. She arrives as a gentle, emanating force that stimulates, expands, and nurtures your creativity. Her cleansing wind washes over you like a gentle Spring rain on a warm afternoon.

Stand with your knees slightly bent with arms extended down by your sides. Face the wind (real or imagined). As the wind begins to blow, whether gently or forcefully, visualize it unwinding tension in your body. Pay close attention to places in your body where you notice things like anger, fear, sadness, or worry. Feel the wind capture these undesirable energies and carry them off into the sky. Whoosh!
When you sense your refreshment, express gratitude to the wind and set it free.

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