Hay_in_handIn today’s hectic, fast-paced world our fears can become heavy burdens that pulse through our body, preventing us from experiencing joy and bounty in our lives.
Here is a simple technique using wind and dried grass to help you release whatever load(s) may be weighing you down.
Go outside, gather some dried grass and stand barefoot on the earth where you can feel the energy of a light breeze blowing upon your body.
Next, call upon the Andean Wind God, Huayra-tata, to help you release your fears, doubts and tensions. Place a few strands of grass in your right hand and share your story with Huayra-tata. As you fill each blade of grass with your heavy heart, offer it up and release it to the wind. Repeat this until you all heaviness has left your heart. Thank Huayra. This sacred play will definitely lighten up your day.

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