The Wind God Kari arrives with the launch of the Audio book Winds of Spirit.

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Emotions are running high this week, as the Wind Spirit, Kari, arrives as a cool breeze from the South to offer support, and give voice to your needs, emotions and desires.

Kari: Voice Your True Expression

Many aboriginal races from Africa, India, and Asia, settled in the abundant jungles and lowlands of Malaysia before the last ice age. The archipelago, which extends from Burma and Siam to Singapore, was a popular crossroad for east-west trade. The Semang pygmies were dark skinned hunters and gatherers who carried charms, and were always on the move. According to their bamboo records, Kari is one of their three primary deities, who created everything with his word, with the exception of life on planet Earth.


Although you may feel frantic when Kari blows in from the southern quadrant, it is important to remain emotionally centered, calm, and balanced. Emotions may be raw, leaving you feeling exposed, covered only by a bark cloth. Take daily walks in nature, exercise, and seek guidance. If you surrender to the energy and wise counsel of Kari, you will learn how to “go with the flow,” and adapt to change. Savor the sweetness of the ripe, low-hanging jungle fruit.

Be mindful of the words you speak when conflicting emotions run high. Words can be like bows with poisoned arrows that leave indelible scars and permanently damage relationships.

Below is a Guided Soul Journey exercise that will take you through a wind cave into the lower worlds, where you can explore and release deep seated emotions.

This journey takes about 10 minutes.


Make yourself comfortable.

Follow the guided journey.

Upon returning from the journey, write down your observations. I would love to hear about your experience.

This is a great time to journey to the lower world, with Kari’s support.  Please share your feedback about your experience, with other Wind Believers  on our Facebook group page, or leave a comment below.

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[1] Philo Laos Mills, Prehistoric Religion: A Study in Pre-Christian Antiquity (Washington, D.C.: Capital Publishers, 1918): p. 69.


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