March Winds bring April Showers. Wind is Natures Cleanser. It Removes what No Longer Serves. After a Wind Storm, the sky is generally clear, and the air feels pure.

Below is a Wind Work® exercise you can use to reveal what is hidden, and release the inner blockages that are preventing you from moving forward with grace and confidence. This exercise will prepare your body for the coming cycle of regeneration.

Wind Bath

A wind wash is a great exercise for restoring harmony and balance within you. One day, while standing on the edge of a bluff, a pine scented wind blew straight through the core of my being, carrying away a deep exhaustion caused by a multi-day drive. Now, whenever I feel stressed, I purposely call on the wind for relief. Wind baths can relieve tension and stress by sweeping away your troubles. All you need is a steady current of air. When planning ahead to do this clearing exercise, wear loose clothing, as tight fabric can bind and catch the wind. If you have long hair, make sure to loosen it for better results. This exercise also works to clear stagnant energy from your home or property. Instead of referring to yourself, exchange the words for this space, or my home, or my office.

Step One

Identify anything that is disrupting your peace of mind: physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. Identify the issue by name, either out loud or silently. Example: “My knee hurts.” One evening a wind believer and her family encountered colony of angry bees on the river’s edge. They had been displaced from their hive and needed clearing.

Pay close attention to your body as you state the issue. How does this make you feel? Are you sad, tense, doubtful or afraid? Locate the source of this emotion in your body? Breathe in again while focusing on your knee, and mentally record the sensations you are experiencing. The family were fearful of the bees until the mother saw a connection with the wind and was able to clear the tension.

Investigate the significance of your issue. The pain in your knee could be related to flexibility.  Knees are designed to bend, and pain  limits your flexibility.  Ask yourself, where am I being inflexible? As you look inside you identify some heaviness in your heart. Trust whatever response the body makes that comes to you first. Once you have identified an emotion and physical sensation, go on to the next step. The mother was discerning chaos in her life through the experience of swarming bees.

Once you have identified the disturbance, move on to step two.

Wind Bath to shed light on the darkness and clear energy.

Art by Alexis Diaz

Step Two

Find a place to stand in a natural environment. Standing barefoot is ideal. Begin by connecting with the forces of nature that surround you. Inhale a deep breath of wind and feel it expand in your lungs, and move down into your belly. As you exhale, remind yourself that your wind is capable of reaching the other side of the world in a matter of a few days. Our breath is a personal wind that connects us with others. Continue this exercise until you are calm and feel connected with the world around you. Visualize sending roots extending from the soles of your feet into the ground below. Connect these roots to a flowing underground river. As you exhale, allow the wind to pull the cleansing water up into your body and wash away any blockages you encounter. Once you feel connected, call upon the winds of spirit.

Opening Prayer

Begin by thanking all of the people who have contributed to your life. Be grateful for your joys, challenges and sorrows. Invite the rivers, streams, rocks, trees, fire, mountains, and the forces of the wind to be present with you.  Ask for Clarity.

Winds of Spirit enter this sacred space-time continuum that is my life.

I call upon the rock people, the rivers, the streams, the mountains, the star people, grandmother moon, grandfather sun, and all the elementals.

Come to this sacred ground.  Be here with me now.

I call upon the winds of change, the winds that are older than the caves, the first winds that moved all of creation.

Eurus, Notus, Zephyrus, and Boreas, I invite you to come from each cardinal direction to watch over my landscape and myself as I do this work

Come here now to help me clear any heaviness in my heart, body and soul.

Thank you.

Step Three

Stand with your knees slightly bent with arms extended to your side, as far as you can comfortably reach. Begin by facing the wind. If you are unsure which way the wind is blowing, or if there is only a slight breeze, look for subtle clues: fluttering leaves on a tree, birds flying, swaying blades of grass, or feel the movement of air on your cheek. If in doubt, listen your intuition. As the wind begins to blow, whether gently or forcefully, visualize it unwinding the tension at it spins in a counterclockwise direction. Pay close attention to the places in your body where you feel anger, frustration, sadness, disappointment and stress. Imagine the wind capturing the energy from these pent up places and carrying them away high into the sky where they can no longer be seen, heard or felt. Turn and face the opposite direction, and repeat.

Continue until you feel the denseness completely leave your body. Ask that any energy that is not yours or any energy that is not in your above highest and best good be lifted from your energy field. Command these energies be returned to the wind as pure energy surrounded by love.

Using your hands, seal your energy bubble. Begin with your left hand on your pelvis bone and your right hand on your coccyx (tail bone.) Then sweep both arms upward and outward towards the top of your head inviting in a fresh wind while creating a sphere of protection around your body.

You’ll know you’ve achieved your goal when you begin to feel lightness; a smile will appear and you’ll start laughing and/or dancing, as the pain subsides. Suddenly the wind will stop blowing, and you’ll feel peaceful, joyful and fully present. This is Wind Magic.

More pronounced symptoms require stronger winds. Keep in mind that stress has a cumulative effect. You may need to repeat this exercise several times depending on the nature of your situation.

Closing Prayer

Winds of Spirit

Breath of All Life

Please forgive me for anything, I may have said or done to call forth this disruptive storm into my life.

I flow gently with the winds of change.

Eurus, Notus, Zephyrus, and Boreas, Thank you

As the wind blows.

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