Will the world end of the world on December 21, 2012? Perhaps this is not a literally" end of the world". but of a "Great Cycle" 

Mayan Calendar

according to global indigenous elders. This is an important year for spiritual renewal and rebirth. Are you ready?

We all know the Mayan prophecy about "the end of the world" coming December 21, 2012, but it's not literally the end of the world. It is the end of a "Great Cycle" according to the Mayan Calendar. What this means for you is that this is an important year for spiritual renewal and rebirth in preparation for the beginning of an exciting new era! What better way to experience this time of spiritual enrichment than by visiting sacred places?
With The Practical Shaman, not only do we focus on unique travel experiences, but we work with the sacred energies found in spiritually-rich destinations such as Mexico, the Andes, and the Sacred Valley of Peru where we learn from medicine people and elders—the keepers of the ancient wisdom we have forgotten in modern society but so desperately need in these quickly changing times. 
As shamans, healers, and energy workers, it's important for us to gain practical skills in ancient wisdom from the source, which we can then bring home with us to heal ourselves and the collective world.
This year we are offering two different opportunities to take part in the healing transformation of yourself and the world. Only you know if you're being called to quest for silence, truth, and inner knowing while living amidst the chaos of our rapidly changing world.
Working with Sacred Plant Medicine is a journey to Mexico for healers and mystics to work with indigenous medicine keeper Maria Teresa Valenzuela in her village of Tequisquiapan, Queretaro. Together we will explore traditional Curanderismo, traditional ceremonial lodge, herbal remedies, and the subtle energies of sacred plants. At the same time, we will learn practical, modern-day applications as it relates to personal healing. We all need to refocus and rejuvenate, restoring our visions and life passions, but it is particularly important at this time with the coming shift in consciousness associated with 2012.  
Magic, Mountains & Mysteries promises to be a heart-awakening adventure to Machu Picchu and to the Sacred Valley of Peru. We earthkeepers, shamans, and energy workers have a very important role in bringing the ancient herbal practices and sacred ceremonies to light in healing our beloved Mother World, Pachamama, and ourselves. Come and join likeminded souls and experience a magical adventure where you'll shatter illusions, reconnect with the natural environment using shamanic healing technology and writing from non-ordinary reality—all while exploring the ancient sites and mysteries of this foreign land.
If you wish to be a part of the collective transformation toward a more beautiful and loving world, and wish to honor yourself at this special time, one of these trips could be for you. We hope you will join us so we can experience profound awakening together.

Renee Baribeau is a mentor, healer, coach, teacher, and writer. Over the past fifteen years, she has trained with a long list of traditional shamans and modern-day mystics. She has received rites of passage from Q’ero elders in Peru and a Mapuche shaman in Chile, and apprenticed with a Lakota elder in Southern California for nine years. A graduate of the Healing the Light Body two-year program with the Four Winds Society, she then studied directly with Jose Luis Herrera. She has also received the healer’s blessing from Swami Kaleshwar.

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