How to Whistle a Wind for Personal Healing

How to Whistle  a Wind For Personal Healing

Saturday, August 15, 2020

10-12 pm (PDT) 1-3 pm (EDT)


An introductory course on how to work with the Wind  for personal healing and transformation. An ideal place to begin your Wind Work® experience.

Class will cover:

  • How to Call Upon a Wind Spirit for Guidance
  • How to Find Your Magnetic North
  • Trusting Your Intuition  to Interpret ancient wisdom teachings
  • Find and Remove Energy Blocks
 $49 course fee



“Today was epic and necessary and inspiring. You created and led a wonderful experience.” — Erika

“I had such an amazing experience! Thank you for the opportunity, Renee! ” — Wyatt

“You are fun, real, knowledgeable, inspirational, intuitive, and a great teacher. ” — Linda

“The course brought a new energy into my life that is so powerful and easy to work with.I am grateful for this personal transformation.” — Anonymous

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