Vayu, Indus Strength

Hum the Tarā mantra; Hūm (0m) is the sound of the wind as it blows with force when strength is needed.

As we hum our final breaths of 2018, you may feel relieved as many insights have been revealed. No matter what side of the fence you face, a shadow has been cast. It is time to take prayerful action.

In Indian mythology, Vayu is a supreme deity that rules the space between the sun and earth. As a giver and taker of life, his role includes balancing light and dark energies. He is also known as a purifier, explorer, messenger of the gods and leader of sacrifices.[i] As one of the strongest Gods, Vayu is portrayed as a white man carrying a bow and arrows as he sits atop a deer. He is often seen accompanying Vishnu’s Golden Chariot.

An understanding of Vayu provides insights into the intrinsic nature of time, space, karma, life, and death.[ii]

Vayu is viewed as a formless, spiritual wind; a prevailing, dynamic force of nature that energizes all life, but, when absent, invariably leads to stagnation and death.Click To Tweet

Vayu offers You Strenght during times of ChangeThis week Vayu arrives from the West, signaling a time of physical endings. Paradigms are shifting and death is imminent.  Call upon the Winds of Spirit to help you navigate these turbulent waters.


Vayu can always be felt, but never seen. Likewise, our actions are often invisible to others and ourselves. Have faith in your strength. Tap into the powerful energy of  Vayu before you embark on a journey or commence a new project. Be patient and you’ll be amply rewarded.

If Vayu is blowing against you, you may have to pause, surrender, and reenergize before moving on. It makes sense to work alongside community members during the harvest, for there is always strength in numbers. This is a time to proceed with caution; Vayu is said to have fathered hundreds of offspring because of his impetuousness.

Close the year by taking action.

 Let’s join our friends at the  Sacred Fires To Create Peace on December 20th in the Wind Clan.

The world needs the unity of our Light and love more than ever.  Please join people of all traditions around the world by lighting a candle or sacred fire on December 20th, with the following prayer for universal peace.
“Let there be peace on Earth and love for one another.”

Let your light be counted! You can participate be registering at

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[i] The Myths and Gods of India: The Classic Work on Hindu Polytheism for the Inner Traditions, Bear Company, Alain Danielou Accessed on the web

[ii] David Frawley, American Institute of Vedic Studies accessed May 15, 2015


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