Creating Sacred Spac


Sacred Spaces are places on earth that carry special vortexes of energies containing high frequencies that many people can detect. As you become more sensitive you will be able to sense the energies where-ever you go.

You can establish a sacred space in your home, garden, or anywhere you choose. The keystone to creating a “sacred space” is continued attention coupled with prayful intention. As you repeatedly return to this space, your prayers and intentions are compounded.


Choose Your Space Carefully — This is the first intention of your spiritual interaction. It can be simple or elaborate. One time a homemaker had no place, so she made her altar in a drawer for privacy. This is a place you will visit frequently so it is best that it be close by and be a place that you love to be in. A garden works as does a special altar in a room.

Set Your Intention — Clear the spot if necessary. Invite the Energies to your altar in the same way you would welcome a guest into your home. Light a candle, set out fresh flowers, and a plate of food or fruit.
Once you beckon the spirits they will come, so invite your guests with an open heart. Set your space on days when you are upbeat and feel happy.

Decorating your Space –– This is where creativity shines. Some people build elaborate medicine wheels on the land (circular stone formation with spokes pointing in all the cardinal directions) but you can easily replicate this idea on a table or a corner of your garden. Basics may include: pictures of your favorite dieties, stones you love, a vase or a candle. This is your place of refuge; decorate it with items that have special significance for you.

Sacred Space Practices — Energy Compounds every time you place your intentions in your sacred space. Visit your sacred space often. Some people like to chant, sing, drum, rattle and dance. Rituals are personal and can be developed over time. Start with a simple practice.

The most important aspect of maintaining your sacred spot is faith. Power builds with focused attention. Pray with an open heart, and listen. Know that spirit is there.

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