A candid talk about the use of Iboga and plant medicine for symptoms including: depression, anxiety and addiction.

Levi is a former tech entrepreneur who has been working on himself with the aid of iboga & other plant medicines for the last 6+ years. Since being a young boy Levi has always felt drawn to helping bring out the best in people. After on and off training for a 3 year period while managing his businesses Levi listened to his soul & dedicated himself to training to work with iboga. After training non stop at Iboga Wellness for 18 months Levi went to Africa to be initiated & was also graduated by a Bwiti shaman to be an iboga provider.

After many years of struggling with varying substances, decisions, and blame from difficult early childhood years, Levi was able to take control of his life with iboga guiding his own inner wisdom.

Levi also plays mongongo (Bwiti mouth bow) & is an aspiring Bwiti musician. Learn More: https://ibogawellness.com/

The Wisdom of iboga & the Bwiti with Levi Barker

Purification Journey

An energy refreshment exercise

Summer Campfire at sunset

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