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My wind whistle told me a few weeks ago that it was going to break soon and showed me a picture of itself, bulb cracked open, spirit released to the wind, mission complete. I felt shocked, and certainly not ready for this to happen and asked it to please not go. It told me that it came to me to ignite something specific in me, to assist me in clearing out on a very deep level and to help make way for the becoming that is about to emerge from within. Yesterday marked a turning point in my relationship with my thoughts. I have been working with the whistle daily: clearing, clearing, clearing. I have cleared so much that I got to the place where I became conscious of the fact that I am the one choosing to give my power to negative and self limiting thoughts. That I am literally choosing the fabric for which my reality is woven by not taking charge of my thoughts. I have let them run amok.

Yesterday,  marked a new beginning for me. One in which, from the moment I open my eyes, I am consciously choosing positive thoughts. That I am using intentional positive affirmations to lay the framework for my days…for my life…for my relationship with myself. I had drawn Vayu day before yesterday and knew that I was ready for this new relationship with my inner strength. With my power. I felt better all day yesterday than I ever remember feeling…in my mind and in my emotions. I felt so calm and grounded. “All is well” is one of the main thoughts I am practicing.

Wind Whistle: Call upon the Wind SpiritsFast forward to yesterday evening. I ended up with a spur of the moment evening off and so as a family we went down to the river. There is an island there, in the headwaters of this spring fed river, just by our house, where we play. When we got there, there were angry bees everywhere. My kids were scared, my husband was scared. So we moved down to the other side of the island and they were there, too. My husband wanted to leave. I wanted to try something.

Part of what the whistle has been showing me is that with a shift in perception (vibratory focus) we can be consciously and harmoniously at one with all of life. I was standing in a shallow part of the river, water up to my knees. I closed my eyes, inhaled deeply and opened the bottoms of my feet. [clickToTweet tweet=” I merged my heart and third eye energy and reached out for the consciousness of the colony of the bees. ” quote=”As I exhaled, I merged my heart and third eye energy and reached out for the consciousness of the colony of the bees. “]It was right there, their collective feelings and intelligence and they felt me connect with them. I asked what was wrong, what had happened? A captain bee (what he called himself) reached out to me in response and told/showed me that their home had been violently destroyed by a scared human. And that the hive had been hit with such a shock wave force of fear (transferred from the body and field of the person who destroyed their home) and so quickly, that the colony’s collective vibration absorbed the fear and threw them into a state of massive agitation. He was trying to collect them, energetically, so that they could make a choice together…but the pandemonium was too great.

I apologized for the unconsciousness of the person who did that to them and asked how I could help. He showed me a huge light source and asked me to breathe into in and then exhale the light into the matrix of their colony. This I did for a few minutes and could feel them calming down and coming together. I asked them if they could please fly to the other side of the river, as my children were feeling scared. I felt them all come together energetically. When I opened my eyes, they were flying away, across the river.

 captain bee (what he called himself) reached out to meI felt filled with such immense gratitude after this experience and I breathed into it, relaying the experience to my husband, who, bless his heart, was a bit dumbstruck. And then, how the wind did blow! It howled down from up river, bending all of the treetops and whisking back our hair. We all started whooping for joy and opening ourselves to “hug” the wind. The sky morphed with the oncoming storm clouds and a HUGE rainbow shot across the entire sky!!! [clickToTweet tweet=”I COULD NOT BELIEVE THIS WAS HAPPENING. All I could do was LAUGH! It was all SO SURREAL.” quote=”I COULD NOT BELIEVE THIS WAS HAPPENING. All I could do was LAUGH! It was all SO SURREAL.”] Beyond surreal. The wind picked up and picked up and the sky grew darker and darker except the one patch with the rainbow. Then the clouds opened up and such a rain came pouring down as we have not seen in months.

My daughter asked the lightening to please not strike until we got home…and it didn’t…but when it started it was lightening strike after lightening strike lighting up the sky. We felt wide open and energized from all of that electricity. So we turned off all of the lights and opened up all of the windows and sat in front of our huge living room window to watch the lightening. I went to light a candle and get my journal to record the experience with the bees.

When I grabbed my journal off of my desk, in the dark, I heard a crash and a pop and for a moment I stood motionless. I knew what that was. I knew the time had come. And I knew why. Because I was ready. And my whistle knew it. It waited for me. Waited until I was ready. I didn’t know that I was ready but it did. I crossed a threshold yesterday and I am not even completely certain what that means but I can feel it. And so I shall honor my whistle by returning it’s pieces to the Earth as it has asked me to do. (The Aztec face is still completely in tact and it instructed me to carve it out and to keep it to work with.) I look forward to seeing where that takes me…and, when the time is right…for my next whistle.

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