Part One of a Two-Part Show. The shadow is a term that is used by people to describe so much of the darkness and dishonest behavior we are seeing today.
The shadow is also part of nature. Without the shadow, there is no life. The shadow brings in balance and is a phase of life that must be honored – not to try and fix.
Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman will talk about different aspects of the shadow and will lead an exercise so that you can get an understanding of the shadow for yourself.
Renee Baribeau will lead a Mirror-Mirror Journey. Visit our Archives at

Here is what others are saying about the show.

“Amazing episode! Thank you so much Renee and Sandra for your vulnerability in sharing as well as a great exercise I can and will do over and over 🙌💖” Lisa

“The mirror- mirror approach is so effective. It really brings to light that my own behavior (shadow)is what sets me off when I see it in displayed in others. ” Annette

” Wow, the meditation led to an immediate and quick insight.” Lis

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