The Sage Stone

The Practical Shaman Podcast interviews guest Darcy Deming-Fisher about her new book, The Sage Stone.
Even though she is a Cherokee trained Shaman, Darcy considers herself an Apprentice Adept, always interested in expanding her abilities and knowledge. The outdoors world of nature has always been Darcy’s cathedral. It is there where she works with the nature and elemental spirits in a humble way to help heal the land and the inhabitants, many of which have resided there for centuries. She is the author of the recently published book, Sage Stone – The Magic Between the Worlds.
Current projects include, the creation of a place for people to come and gather to experience child-like joy and to manifest their own awakenings. Darcy is working on book two in the Sage Stone series and continues to write and teach from her mountain top home in Southern Arizona with four dogs at her feet.

The Practical Shaman Podcast interviews guest Darcy Fisher. Waking up your Wind Whistle for Healing, Balance and Insight.

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