Mending the Sacred Hoop (Connecting with your Inner Child, Mother Earth and Spirit)​​​​​​​ with Maria Yraceburu.

In this week’s podcast Maria & I discuss how nature helps us relate to our inner child and reconnect with our beginner’s mind. We dive into why connecting with your inner child is so important in your life and how this relationship grounds us closer to nature, spirit and ourselves. Maria shares her thoughts on prioritizing in-person connection, how she harvests her own garden every Fall and SO MUCH MORE. Make sure to tune in for the wisdom on the wind.

About Maria Yraceburu
Earthwisdom elder, author & teacher is the founder of Yraceburu EarthWisdom. She is a native raised in the traditional philosophy of the Apache tlish diyan. She comes from a lineage of diiyin and da’igoti (holyones & trackers). She has an Lld in Eco-psychology, as well as years of life living EarthWisdom. She has worked throughout the United States. Maria’s vision is to integrate traditional lifestyle connect to earth into contemporary daily life. She believes that earth wisdom comes from the universe through Changing Mother earth. It is a grounding of spirituality in our physical lives and applied as a connection to higher consciousness. Maria teaches that everyone has the ability to be in relationship with Earth, an all dimensions that then become available. She has written 23 books in this area, and her latest children’s book Connect to the Earth will hit the stands soon. 

Maria Yraceburu offers some beautiful wisdom around connection! Maria also is giving away a FREE PDF on how to create your own medicine wheel.
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