I AM Symposium presents a Sacred Listener, Lisa JG Weikel, Esq. She is an Author of Owl Medicine, shamanic practitioner, and sacred listener. In addition to offering one-on-one sessions, Lisa also leads Listening Retreats and offers other, more long-term opportunities to bring a shamanic perspective into our everyday lives. Her evolution has led her from engaging in a small-town general law practice to women’s rights advocacy (having been a lawyer since 1983), to writing a spiritual memoir about her initiation into the value of discernment in energetic work, to her present focus on shamanic healing work and sharing techniques of living a “shamanic life” with others. She is presently writing a sequel to Owl Medicine.

The Practical Shaman Podcast: Lisa Weikel

Purification Journey

An energy refreshment exercise

Summer Campfire at sunset

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