Machu Picchu

Is Machu Picchu, The Sacred Valley, The Inka Trail, Northern Peru on your vision board, or bucket list?

Much has been said about 2012 and the indigenous prophesies. There is uncertainty in the economic and earth climate. As the facilitator of spiritual travel, I see that people are cautious, making more informed decisions about how and why they travel; they are looking for more purposeful experiences.


There is a new type of travel tele-summit being offered by The Practical Shaman which will provide the explorer with a deeper connection to the experience. Louis Vuitton’s luggage commercial says it all; “does the traveler shape the journey or does the journey shape the traveler?”You will not need luggage for this free exploration, so just sit back and enjoy the ride through this colorful landscape with sages who will share their heart connection to Peru. Instead of merely choosing your hotel, you will get an insiders view on hiking the mountains, healing traditions, ceremonies, artisans, and sacred spots that make this tourist destination a tool for awakening for many seekers.

The  line-up includes:  Elizabeth Jenkins, Jorge Luis Delgado, Linda Fitch, Stevi Belle, Bonnie Glass-Coffin, Jamee Curtis, and will be hosted by Renee Baribeau aka, The Practical Shaman.

Nothing can be more enriching than travels to foreign climes but as you will hear from our presenters, they are not just ordinary travelers; travel is their tool to enrichment.

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Elizabeth Jenkins

Her passion is the Wiracocha Foundation,  a non-profit based in the knowledge that the children are our legacy and it is crucial to make choices that will secure their future. Through first hand experience working together for decades with the Q’ero Indian tribe, (indigenous to the mountains of Peru), she will share their philosophy which mirrors the beliefs of modern-day  physics in its understanding of the world as a living energy.  She will share about the children as the keepers of the knowledge, and how integrating traditions into current day education will assist the world during the coming days ahead.

Jorge Luis Delgado

He is the author of Andean Awakening: an Inca guide to Mystical Peru, and is recognized worldwide as an authority on Inca philosophy. He will explain about the emerging consciousness that will be fully activated in 2012. That is this year! Jorge assists in healing using ancient knowledge from the Inca tradition where there is no separation between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Joining this prestigious line-up is Linda Fitch Former Dean of Healing the Light Body School,  The Four Winds Society; a shaman and mountaineer who makes an annual pilgrimage to hike the famous 14,000 foot Salkantay Peak (considered by Conde Nast to be one of the 25-best treks in the world). Linda’s topic is “Going to the Mountain: A Practice of Returning to the self”.  Professor Bonnie Glass-Coffin will give the callers the anthropological background of how shamanic masters are opening our eyes to the benefits of deep inner-exploration.

We are privileged to have Stevi Belle. She will educate us on The Despacho Ceremony which is a core practice of healers and lay people in the Andes.  This tool for Prayer honors the earth elements and spirits and is a keystone  everyday ritual; so much so there are stores in the market places that specialize in assembling these prayer bundles. Jamee Curtis, a teacher of Shamanic studies lives in Peru 6 months of the year, and has discovered magical places off the tourist map. Rosario Sarria and Maria Teresa Valenzuela will give you an audio tour of Lima a capital rich in Culture, Inkan Ruins, History and Art.

Yes, there is more

You will meet, Renee Baribeau The Practical Shaman who will host the calls. Learn about her insights as well as upcoming adventures to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley on September, 2014.

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