Thank You for showing up to share your light in the world.  As our flames recede from our 15-day Fire Vigil, members of the wind clan are gazing into the hot embers of possibility, the place of alchemy and change. The heat reminds me of the magic I discovered during a sacred fire walk 30 years ago. The story of my shamanic initiation can be found in my book, Winds of Spirit.  Here is the talk, the journey to Creation, and the closing ceremony from the event. Give yourself an Hour. 
Please enjoy this gift from the Fire Tender at the 9th annual I AM Symposium.  Over 500  people gathered to keep their lights burning in 2020. Here is the compilation of many of the Altars. 
A special Wind Blessing to All Fire Tenders and a Shout Out to Our Presenters

 A special heart blessing thanks to our keepers of the 4-Directions, Brigid Hopkins, Terry Morgan, Heather Lee Huff and Kerry Wanamaker. 

Check out these special upcoming events from our Fire Tenders.


Brigid Hopkins Keeper of the East Wind: Eurus

The New Moon is a grand time to begin tending our inner garden.
January 12, 2021 4:00pm-5:30 pm PST. Learn More

Terry Morgan Keeper of the West Wind Zephyrus

Online Guided Healing Journey with Owl and Wind

Heather Lee Huff Keeper of the North Wind Boreas

January 12, 2021, 5:30 PST  Chakra Activation

Kerry Wannamaker Keeper of the South Wind: Notus

Soul Collage Workshop Online January 9, 2021. Register Here.

Fire Tenders Altar Video. Flute music provided by Sandi Horton

Wyatt Larsen

Daily Card Reading in the Wind Clan form the “The Wild Unknown: Animal Spirit” deck. Win a Session with Wyatt

Erika M. Schreck – New Moon Spirit Journey Here

Lisa JG Weikel: Daily Devotional Blog

and New Caravan Offering

Debra Koff-Chapin Center for Touch Drawing

John Lockley  Monthly Circles

Hank Wesselman’s Website

The Shamans Cave Weekly Podcast with

Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman

Carol Woodliff

Tambra Harck

Kathleen McGinley – Sacred Card Readings

Lori Lothian Lunatic Astrology Weekly Guidance

Meg Beeler

Renee Baribeau

Receive the playback of each presentation from the Fire Tenders Gathering 2020, with separate journey tracks. You heartfelt donation helps to offset the production cost of this event. If you received a Wind blessing, please Donate Here. Let’s keep our Global Fire Buring year after year. Links to each playback will be sent to everyone who donates. Thank You to those who have already given.

Order Your Copy Here
Move forward in 2021
Check out this group Adventure
I extend a warm heartfelt offer to those of you who embraced the wind, experienced a shift, and are ready to heed the call to connect more deeply to the wind clan. We are excited to announce a 10-month Wind Mastery Program.
Apply Here
Ways to Support the Wind Work
We bring you this ceremony from our heart to yours. If you feel the love, then share this event and  ORDER a copy of Winds of Spirit for a friend.
If you are called to go deeper, apply to be part of our 10-month apprenticeship training. Begins 2/6/20. Learn More


Learn to Pronounce the Winds of Spirit

Learn to pronounce each Winds of Spirit in this guided teaching


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