Compounding all the recent meteorological and man-made events, the Diablo (Devil) winds continue to fan 17 out-of-control wildfires in California, resulting in what could be the worst incinerating fires in this great state’s history. Are you ready, willing, or even able to wake up and begin to walk in balance upon this beautiful earth that we all are privileged to inhabit?

From a spiritual perspective, these winds are mirroring the time cycle we are living in now known as “Pachakuti”, a Quechua word that means the world reversal[1], a time of transformation. Winds blow clockwise, but the nature of these tricky winds is the force in which they seemingly blow in reverse.

The Anthropocene, which atmospheric chemist Paul J. Crutzen regards as the “influence of human behavior on Earth’s atmosphere in recent centuries as so significant as to constitute a new geological epoch.” This is a real and present threat.

The winds are a living breathing force of nature, reminding us it is time to simplify our lives and find our own truth.Click To Tweet

No matter what the media, or your friends and family are telling you, we are at the threshold of our own man-made Hell, and the Devil Winds are here to remind us that no one is immune. Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Drought, Flooding, and Fire. We are spiritually, morally, and physically out of balance. The winds are a symptom, amplified by the warming trend; igniting a fire in our souls. It is time to tend to our communities, to come together to aid our fellow humankind, and to simplify our experience. This morning as I looked around my bedroom, I asked what would be most important if I had to quickly flee nature’s wrath. I see three things: my cat, one box of important papers, and me. What would be most important to you to take with you in the face of any such unseemly and terrifying event?

As the wind whistling spiritual leader who has a book coming out called Winds of Spirit, I have been reconciling the destructive power of the wind. In the book, I speak more about aligning to these powerful forces of spirit to find harmony and balance in your life. The earth is completely her own self cycle, and is not a punishing mother. Still, I am emotionally scarred by the horrifying wildfires that are surrounding us. As I’m sure is true for you too, people I love and places I care about are being decimated as the winds of destruction continue to rage.

Generally, I like to be the positive one who speaks of happiness and joy, filling my social media with hope. The mechanics of wind are simple – air moves clockwise from higher pressure zones into lower pressure areas creating a flow. In the case of Northern California, the air is forced over Mount Diablo, and descends toward the sea, compressed and heated.

Red Flag warnings are everywhere indicating that global warming is in effect, and that the warming dry air is like an aerosol can under pressure - ready to explode - when a match is added.Click To Tweet

In your life, where are your own internal winds being compressed, warmed and funneled? As strong dry winds are mounting, ask what is triggering your thinking and feelings which are impacting you physical and spiritual self? Perhaps you find it hard to believe the compelling videos and first-hand reports of the tragic events in Las Vegas perpetrated by a mad man. Maybe you are heartbroken at the loss of your possessions and people you love. Perhaps you are feeling displaced, waiting out the firestorm, and not knowing if you have lost anything or everything. You may feel spiritually bankrupt, and are certain that these Devil Winds are the West winds of destruction declaring the end of times. Just know this. No one will escape unscathed by the catastrophic events occurring across the globe. It is not my belief that Pachamama (goddess revered by the indigenous people of the Andes also known as the earth/time mother in Inca mythology) is upset with us. It is my belief that we are out of harmony and balance, and this is the sad and unnecessary consequences of our actions. It is your projection that you perceive her (mother earth’s) behavior as somehow being as result of our disrespect. The real question to ask is: where am I angry and disrespectful? You are your version of this story.

How can we cope, when forceful winds are kicking up again, and the dry front is amplifying the conditions, fanning the perfect catastrophic storm?

Here are 5 Simple Daily Practices

Simplify Your Life––This is not the time to create more complexity. It is a time to thin out your garden. This means to choose your strongest assets, and focus on fertilizing them.
Prioritize your possessions––Weed out your possessions. Ask yourself what would I need, and what would I leave behind if I had to leave in a hurry. Pick 10 things that are meaningful to you.
Be Prepared––Look around. Are you prepared to take care of yourself if necessary? What are your resources? Do you have water, food, and cash or other tradeable commodities?
Where is your Central Hearth––If your world goes dark, where is your central fire, and who is tending to the circle? It is time to reconnect to our fellow humans.
Prayer Works­­–– Are you connected to your higher source? If not, it is time to cultivate your garden of faith. You will not be able to make sense of these times if you cannot see through the devil’s thicket*.

*The name for Mount Diablo might have come from the Spanish Inquisition of the natives of Northern California. They had surrounded a group of natives in a thicket, and in the morning the Indians had vanished. The Spanish troops were dumbfounded and called the area the devil’s thicket.


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