Tȟaté (tah-da¢y) Lakota Sioux Messenger

Lakota prayer: Wakan Tanka, (Great Spirit) teach me how to trust my heart, mind, intuition, inner knowing, senses of my body and the blessings of my spirit.

Tȟaté is the messenger of Wakan Tanka (Creator, Great Mystery). “The wind is considered the breath of the creator, the breath of the Mystery.  All living creatures on earth were united by that Breath. The Wind is considered as essential as water and light and the cosmo.”[1]  To engage with the spirit of this invisible wind, your senses must be highly attuned.

Reverence for all life is at the core of Lakota tradition. The stories are kept alive in their Sun Dances, Medicine Ceremonies, and Community Customs.

Wind makes spirit's presence known as it moves through space and time. Click To Tweet Knowledge is accumulated as you live through many winters, and offer your services to community. It is important that you find serenity in nature, and in the Inipi (lodge). In the Lakota tradition, messages from spirit are personal, sacred, and not freely shared, even among medicine people.

The sons of Tȟaté blow in from the four directions to offer divine guidance and help you navigate safely through life. This week’s Winds of Spirit guidance comes from Tȟaté  in the West. When the Wind blows, it is a reminder that your heart is a physical element in your body that can provide important signs and point you in the right direction.

This past week, I have been traveling on the East Coast, the place of my birth. In my life, the healing of my family was part of a long, personal journey towards my awakening. There is no greater joy than the time I spent time with my mother and sisters. This is a healing of my heart. What are the clues that let you know you are on your path?  Sometimes the messages from the West are as simple as riding a bike and observing the joy you are feeling. At other times it is important exercise patience and wait.


Now is time to enter the lodge, sit peacefully, and wait. Prayer and meditation are calming forces of nature. Once the answers are clear, call upon Tȟaté to help you move forward in a joyous celebration.

Pay close attention as Tȟaté may come disguised as a loud clap of thunder, a denizen of the forest, or an eagle. Once you receive the message, clear the way by removing the debris from your home, heart, and mind. It’s time for a feast. Prepare a meal, and invite supportive friends and family to a “giveaway ceremony.” Open your heart and extend genuine blessings to the world at large.

Pain in specific areas of your body indicates where you are resisting the wisdom of wind. Stiff joints may be a sign of inflexibility. Back problems are signals of not feeling supported, and a stiff neck may indicate an unwillingness to see things as they truly are. Ask Tȟaté for divine guidance, as discomfort can guide healing.  More about Thate.

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[1] Nick White Swan, Sun Dancer

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