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Tȟaté (Lakota Sioux): Messenger––Listen with Your Heart

This week’s Wind of Spirit arrives from the East, the place of the rising sun and new beginnings. Each week, I pull a card for the collective community. Within a day of pulling the Winds of Spirit Card, the relevancy is revealed. This week’s wind, Tȟaté is from the Lakota Sioux, who are currently in Washington, DC, standing up for water. Protecting water sources is necessary for the health, and safety of our world. The Winds of Spirit are with You.

Sing a sacred song to this wind when you seek spiritual guidance and desire to have a closer connection with the natural world.

Reverence for all life is at the core of Lakota tradition. The stories are kept alive in their Sun Dances, Medicine Ceremonies, and Community Customs. Wind makes its presence known as it moves through space and time.

Knowledge is accumulated as you live through many winters and offer your services to the community. Click To TweetIt is important that you find serenity in nature and in the Inipi (lodge). In the Lakota tradition, messages from Spirit are personal, sacred, and not freely shared, even among medicine people.

In Lakota cosmology there is an understanding that disruption and discomfort are sacred elements that can facilitate personal growth and change. The sons of Tȟaté blow in from the four directions to offer divine guidance and help you navigate safely through life.

Lakota Sunrise by Jackie Fawn


A new day is dawning when Tȟaté sends Yanpa, the east wind, to greet you. If your senses are properly attuned, you will receive a clear, powerful vision. In the same manner that the sun energizes and illuminates the sky, complex ideas will become easy for you to comprehend. Work with this wind to highlight the essential and avoid diversion and distraction. Take time to organize and devise plans in silence. Solitude and secrecy are called for, so keep your ideas to yourself.

If you are moving too quickly and are out of sync with nature, Tȟaté may manifest as quarrels, illness, or obstacles blocking your path. If you are sick or lack motivation, call on Tȟaté for clarity and direction.

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