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Insiders guide to Peru





Planning a sacred trip to Peru? Learn from our experts

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Elizabeth Jenkins

Earth Keepers of Tomorrow

 Support Elizabeth's work with the Children. Wirachocha Foundation


Jorge Luis Delgado

The cycles; 2012 in the Inka Tradition

 Learn more about Jorge Luis Delgato


Jamee Curtice

Sacred Sites in Peru

 Learn more about Jamee


Linda Fitch

Going to the Mountain: A Practice of Returning to the self. 

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Stevi Belle

The Despacho Ceremony

 The Shamans Store

Maria Teresa Valenzuela and Rosario Sarria

Lima a city of Culture, Mystery and Magic

Bonnie Glass-Coffin

Heart-Based Learning for a Head-Strong World 

For Ysabel Chinguel (the curandera) website and also FB

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