Summon this powerful wind when you seek impetus and motivation for change, or when your family or community need protection.

Tāwhirimātea arrives from the North this week, possibly putting your faith to the test. From my worldly perspective, it feels like the beginning of many endings, whirling all at once, in order for my new creation to evolve.  This past weekend, I applied coats of paint to spruce up my former home, and center for the Desert Healing Arts, which is now for sale.  As I power washed the walls, I experienced a most remarkable cleansing. Over the years, thousands of people entered through the doors for healing and community. As the water drained from the stucco, I felt the earth mulching the energy, and now, it is done. The place of unknowing always requires trust. This week it comes with expedient force, as I am packing and getting ready to leave for the summer, while preparing my property for the home buyer’s imminent inspector. It is the work of the North Wind to teach us to embrace the darkness and uncertainty that comes at the end of every passage.

In the beginning, darkness prevailed throughout the universe. Papatuanuku (Papa), the Earth Mother, and Ranginui (Rangi), the Sky Father, entwined in a passionate, loving embrace, and created only male offspring. As one might expect, frustration mounted as seventy gods competed for the power that lay wedged in the dark thin layer. Dissension grew. While some progeny wanted to separate their parents, a few, including Tāwhirimātea, did not. After many unsuccessful attempts to free themselves, Tāne-mahuta (Tane, God of the forest and trees) planted himself firmly against the earth mother Papa, and pushed Rangi the father, into the heavens, bringing light, and consciousness to our planet. He breathed the sacred breath (HA) into the nostrils of the first woman – Hineahuone… as he did so he said – “Tihei mauri ora!” (Behold there is life!).

When Tāwhirimātea blows in from the north, he energizes your fearless imagination.Click To Tweet


When Tāwhirimātea blows in from the north, he energizes your fearless imagination. Endings are like spiritual threads in a vivid tapestry, woven together to represent your multilayered world. Artistic expression is the embodiment of spirit. Life has become routine and the time has come to fan the flames of your divine creativity.

When Tāwhirimātea arrives as a fierce warrior wind, it is time to rest and rejuvenate. Like children wedged between their parents, ideas cannot germinate in a dark, limited, suffocating space. If you want your plans to grow and flourish, you must provide a healthy, supportive, nutrient-rich, spiritual environment.




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