Several years ago, I began to write in earnest. At the time, I had no idea where the hot air balloon of inspiration would take me. This week, I traveled to London to participate in 7th annual Religion & Spirituality Conference. The younger religious scholars, those in their 20’s and 30’s welcomed me, and my work, “Winds of Spirits” with open arms. They are excited to bridge the chasm of organized religion and spirituality.

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I listened eagerly to many presentations, and was especially moved by the questions that the students of religion are asking. Plus it was exciting to watch their faces during my presentation.

Here is my talk, “Seeking God, leaving the Rhetoric Behind.” (27-minutes)

This Week’s Winds of Spirit is Ilmarinen (Finnish)–Inventor

Conjure this innocent wizard wind for prosperity, magic, and alchemy.

Magic is the key ingredient in an epic tale of a people who lived along the coast of the Baltic Sea, in the northwestern corner of Russia. Finno-Ugric mythology endured the test of time, recorded by Elias Lönnrot, a physician, botanist, and mystic scribe in 1835. For 15 years he traveled both sides of the Ural Mountains and recorded the rune songs of the shamans. Before these ancient mysteries were scattered by the wind, Lönnrot published the “Old” Kalevala in 1835, hoping to resurrect the collective cultural memory of the Finns.[i]

Like the Finns, the conference attendees are seeking to restore the collective memory of Faith and Tradition. Today, one group member reminded me today about Carl Jung’s idea, that as Society breaks down, addiction becomes more prevalent. There was magic and enthusiasm in the air of many young idealists at the conference.  This morning as I was walking towards Imperial College in London, I noticed some tulips. Many years ago, I planted bulbs in the dark, damp Syracuse Cold, believing that a colorful crop would appeared in the spring and bring me joy. This magical ritual carried me through many hardships. Today I am happy, and the tulips are a wonderful reminder of how far I’ve come on my journey.

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When Ilmarinen “sets the four winds blowing” in your life, the magic of alchemy is at play; yet be wary, for the gold may be otherworldly and different from what you expect.


Until the Kalevala was restored as their national tale, the Finnish people had long forgotten their origins. When Ilmarinen fans your fire, it is time to extract the truth from the brightly lit flame of the smithy residing within you. It is not enough to craft your identity from illusions, social media, or television. Immerse yourself in the deep waters of your divine inner wisdom. Great inventions are like cloths woven from the threads of innovative thoughts and ideas.

Have you forgotten the words to your favorite childhood song? Hum until the words rise up from the depths of your history. Become a fascinated seeker; search for words while you sleep, and explore the worlds of magic within your dreams.

Are you a Wind Believer? Join today.


[i] Ersev Ersoy, “Social Reality and Mythic Worlds: Reflections on Folk Belief and the Supernatural in James Macpherson’s Ossian and Elias Lönnrot’s Kalevala,” (PhD Thesis, The University of Edinburgh, 2012), 47.

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