THE MAKING OF A TALISMAN: Guest Blog Jan Engels Smith

Rituals help us to feel the experience, to have an actual tangible event locked into our memory. Rituals also help us to focus our intention and with focused intention miracles happen. One of my favorite rituals is that of creating a Talisman.
A Talisman is an object which is created that holds a belief of an individual. Many people are trying to rid themselves of a belief, an attitude, a characteristic, a behavior, or even a feeling about another person that has burdened them; making their life less than perfect. From a shamanic perspective the making of a Talisman is a powerful procedure to perpetuate the release process. In fact the Talisman becomes the object of release. This is the incredible power of the Talisman; it isn’t just a symbol of an attitude or belief, but it becomes the attitude or belief. This all comes about through focused intent, and learning how to imbue power into an object.

Talisman Tips for Making
This is a perfect time of year to let go of the old and to bring in the new. Regardless if it is winter solstice, the first of the year, or any time during the cold winter months, the time is right for the psyche to respond to a releasing/reclaiming ceremony. Being that it also the new millennium (post 2012) the power is even greater, we are only a few that will tap into this MAJOR lifting of the veils. I highly recommend that you perpetuate this release/creating time by creating a Talisman with great care and intent.
To create your Talisman I suggest you go out into nature. Have in your mind your intention and ask Spirit to help you. Take a walk and start to collect sticks, grass, flowers, leaves, and other objects that you can put together into a Talisman. I suggest that you create a Y shaped talisman; one side representing release and the other side representing what you what to gain/create. Make sure that everything on your Talisman is burnable. You will throw your talisman into a sacred fire. The sacred smoke will carry your intention out into the universe. If you are using a candle as your fire, you can burn a piece of paper, instead of a wood object. On the paper write out in a list the things you want to release and gain.

As you are constructing your Talisman bring your total intention and concentration into the fact that the Talisman is your belief. The nature of your object is not what is important; the power and the intention that you put into it is. Do this in silence, in a place where you will not be disturbed and where you can concentrate. Do not share with family or friends what you are intending. Many of us have the habit of breaking the power of the moment by talking about it. You want the power to build inside of this Talisman until you are ready to burn it. When not praying with it keep it covered, preferably in red. You may wish to keep the Talisman with you for a few days, even sleep with it by your bedside. I suggest that you meditate with it, forming a strong energy of intention until you feel that the Talisman “becomes” your intentions. Watch for magic, the Talisman can actually start looking different as it shapeshifts into your intentions.

Jan Engels-Smith
LightSong School

Talisman: Guest Post Jan Engels Smith

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