Native Elder by Charles FrizellWakan Tanka, Great Mystery: teach me how to trust my heart, my mind, my intuition, my inner knowing, the senses of my body, the blessings of my spirit. Teach me to trust these things so that I may enter my sacred space and love beyond my fear, and thus walk in balance with the passing of each glorious sun.

– Lakota Prayer

Tȟaté is the messenger of Wakan Tanka (Creator, Great Mystery). “The wind is considered the breath of the creator, the breath of the Mystery.  All living creatures on earth were united by that Breath. The Wind is considered as essential as water and light and the cosmo.”[1]

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 Reverence for all life is at the core of Lakota traditionReverence for all life is at the core of Lakota tradition. The stories are kept alive in their Sun Dances, Medicine Ceremonies, and Community Customs. Wind makes it’s presence known as it moves through space and time.  Knowledge is accumulated as you live through many winters, and offer your services to community. It is important that you find serenity in nature, and in the Inipi (lodge). In the Lakota tradition, messages from spirit are personal, sacred, and not freely shared, even among medicine people.

In the beginning, Skan was the unmoving, energizing force of the universe. He created Tȟaté as his faithful messenger to move his creations throughout time and space. Tȟaté provides the impetus for all things that move.

The sons of Tȟaté blow in from the four directions to offer divine guidance and help you navigate safely through life.  Ask Tȟaté for divine guidance to walk in balance upon the earth.  This week Tȟaté  arrives in the North Quadrant.


The sons of Tȟaté blow in from the four directionsWhen Tȟaté blows in from the North it is time to center, and integrate your heart and mind. A cycle of grief may be coming to an end. If you are harboring thoughts that require clearing, or feel a need to forgive others, seek solitude and ask Tȟaté for guidance.

The time is upon you to complete the circle, heal your spirit for personal growth in community.Click To Tweet Riches are bestowed, and your spirit is strengthened when you tend to the needs of your soul.

Clouds may appear as the first warning. If Tȟaté arrivals as a bitter cold wind, you are being reminded to purify your body, mind, and emotions. Are you selfish and unwilling to change? The ground before you has frosted over, and will everything green can wither, and die.  Tate’s message may arrive as a phantom in the night and disrupt your peace.  Harmony needs to be restored before the frozen earth can soften and reveal the path that leads to a spiritual healing. This is a time for forgiveness; a time to cleanse and reenergize your spirit, emotions, thoughts, and actions.

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[1] Nick White Swan, Sun Dancer

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