windgodHumans have always sought to define the world by studying the Law of Opposites in Nature. The development of language began with simple pictures, developing from realistic to abstract, and eventually forming complex concepts. It is human nature to seek order, harmony and balance. The wind is a constant, steady force that helps us to experience and understand life.
A light breeze is always a welcome friend on a troublesome, stagnant day. At times our negative states of consciousness create foul, disturbing winds. When we die we exhale one final wind before moving on. Living life to the fullest requires balance; giving and receiving, working and playing, as well as loving and losing.
Beyond words, there are symbols and feelings. According to scientist Don Estes, Dolphins communicate by generating sound waves in the water that are pictures of the object of interest. During the course of evolution, we moved away from our nature, from symbols to words, from our connected heart to our head.

Find out for yourself if moving back into your nature, can affect change.  Rearrange some objects in your life today. Be like the wind shifting an entire desert, a squall begins by bouncing a single grains of sand off the next until everything shifts. When you clean out a cupboard or rearrange the symbols that make up your life, you begin to make subtle changes that will shift your day. Give it a try.

Invite the Winds of Spirit into Your Life

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