Stribog Wind God of Good FortuneStribog

Slavic Wind God


Historically, the Slavs occupied the most western part of Eastern Europe. The linguistic root is ‘Slovo,” meaning people who speak the same language. For centuries the organizing principles of their faith and shamanic rituals were kept hidden behind a veil of secrecy from those who spoke in a different voice.

Early mercenaries endured bitter conditions, persecution, war, and death, while defending their polytheistic beliefs from the invading Byzantines. Click To TweetShamans, who were keepers of the secret oral traditions, eventually retreated and went underground to preserve their beliefs, ceremonies and rituals. Trying to piece together the remnants of the early Slavic cosmology is as difficult as catching the wind in your hand; paganism persisted “as a quiet neighbor” alongside early Christianity in the Motherland.

What is known is that the Slavic people had a three-world cosmology centered on a world tree. This system was composed of seven primary deities including Stribog. In Slavic cosmogony, when Rod (creator God) broke free from the cosmic egg, all the elements of nature, including the wind from his breath, were pulled from his body. Stribog is the ancestor of wind; the intermediary who delivers (gives voice to) the prayers and invocations of the people to their creator.

Stribog is also grandfather of the eight directional winds. While he is often portrayed as old man winter, he is also connected to the invigorating fresh air of spring.

The roots of his name Stri, means to spread, and bog pertains to God. Stribog is best known as the disperser of wealth and spirit. Click To TweetThe Slavs were pragmatic people, who intimately understood that living harmoniously with nature required an understanding of the harsh winter winds as well as the cool summer breezes. Although the winds were severe and bitterly cold as they blew across the rivers and steppes, the Slavic myths still viewed Stribog as the deliverer of good fortune.

slavicTo this day, Wind Whisperers remain scattered throughout the Ukraine, and they continue use wind to cast spells and send healing charms. The existence of these peasant shamans is a testament to the enduring nature of these earth traditions. Ancient rock altars that were built to worship the Gods, have survived thousands of years of political and religious oppression.

Stribog arrives as a cool passionate breeze to remind you that every season is part of larger life cycle. It is time to restore peace, rhythm and order to your faith.


If Stribog blows in on the back of his eagle as an easterly spring wind, it means that seeds of creation are being pollinated. New thoughts and ideas are abundant. Remember to ask, “Is now the time to act, or should I set my intentions to prayer for manifestation?” In either scenario, ask Stribog to answer your prayers. Patience is a deliberate action set forth by the mind. Once you decide to act, know that Stribog will blow fortune your way.

Stribog in a contrary position may feel like an unfavorable condition, but remember that great intellectual discoveries are often uncovered due to necessity. If the cupboards are bare, use your divine imagination to create a meal fit for a king. This is the ideal time to set your intentions with prayer.


The timing is right to pollinate your emotional seeds when Stribog appears as a South Wind. Breathe the rejuvenating cool air of humility into your rich, emotional landscape. Use common sense when it comes to sadness and melancholy, as these are essential aspects and natural rhythm of your soul’s existence. Become the active observer and discover the gift you deserve. Offer up your gratitude to Stribog and share your tears of sadness with all of creation.

If Stribog arrives as a cross wind, it is time for deep introspection. Examine the areas where you are slave to your feelings. Are you leaving a trail of emotional baggage wherever you roam? Ask Stribog to help you find peace and calm. In order to receive the exhilarating breath of unconditional love, you must first heal your emotional wounds and then surrender to a higher power.


When Stribog, the disperser of wealth, arrives in the west, it is a sign that your prayers have been heard and answered. Smile and enjoy the fruits of your labor. An abundant harvest is intended to provide sustenance for the long winter ahead. Be mindful of how you expend your energy. A wise person who is in sync with nature can enjoy a bountiful harvest while conserving valuable resources.

If Stribog is blowing as a head wind into your sails, it’s to seek out and eliminate areas of resistance. Being prepared is essential as the sun sets down below the Tree of Life and into the underworld. Ask yourself, “Have I left valuable resources rotting in the field?” Get your affairs in order and prepared for restrictions that will accompany the long nights ahead.


Stribog blowing in from the North is an indicator that good fortune has arrived; your Lucky Star is here. The Slavs were pragmatic and grateful to be alive, regardless of external conditions. Prayers are a request, while meditation provides insight. Stribog reminds you that it necessary to give and receive every day. Long before the advent of temples, the Slavs created sanctuaries of worship in the natural world that surrounded them. Acknowledge Stribog’s energetic breath that greets you every morning when you wake up. Be grateful for the little things in life, such as the food you eat, the convenient parking space that suddenly appeared, and the sun that shines upon your face.

When Stribog blows as in a fierce cold north wind, it is time to get grounded and establish a practical working relationship with your creator. Peace can be elusive when you take more than you give. When Old Man Winter comes knocking at your door, it is time reconnect with your tribe, and volunteer your services in a selfless, loving manner. It may be time to renew your altar. Make your faith a dynamic spiritual expression that enriches your soul and enriches the community in which you live.

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