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Earth Keepers of Tomorrow with Elizabeth Jenkins

First and foremost, we must all live our lives trusting in the future, planning to sustain the earth’s resources for our children and all other living beings. No matter when this message is found, children will forever remain our legacy. Elizabeth will speak to the importance of building bridges between our culture and the Q’ero, allowing the Q’ero and us to evolve together into a better society. The Inkan prophecy carried down through the lineage of Sapa Inkas and Qoyas to modern times is actually a kind of map that not only reveals something of such tantamount importance as our own spiritual heritage, but also marks the pathway to our very future—complete with road signs—for the potential evolution of the human race. The Inkas’ wisdom rivals modern physics in its understanding of the world as living energy; but, unlike modern physics, the Inkas evolved a highly sophisticated, yet simple, set of spiritual tools teaching us how to interact with, and even direct, the flows of this world of living energies. According to the Inka, we inhabit a living universe called Kausay Pacha, “world of living energy,” a world in which everyone and indeed everything is alive and has consciousness. In this overabundant universe, Pachamama—Mother Earth—is a generous, fecund and loving mother. We are only able to grow and develop our “Inka seed,” the potential in every person, with the help of this loving mother. Elizabeth will speak to the heart of the children and the important role they play in the evolution of the prophecy. Please consider making a donation to The Wiraqocha Foundation.

Elizabeth B. Jenkins, MA, MFT, is a licensed psychotherapist and internationally bestselling author of two books on the INKA Tradition: THE RETURN OF THE INKA: A Journey of Initiation and INKA Prophecies for 2012 (Pu`umaka`a Press, re-release 2009) and JOURNEY TO Q’EROS: Golden Cradle of the Inka (Pu`umaka`a Press, 2009). She teaches the spiritual tools of the INKA needed for transformation on the personal, community, and global levels in preparation for 2012 and beyond, and leads INITIATION TRIPS to PERU to experience the HATUN KARPAY, the Great Initiation of the INKAS. Elizabeth has taught worldwide and led trips to Peru for the last 20 years. Elizabeth has just been hired by CONNECTIONS CHARTER SCHOOL to develop a counseling program that incorporates the values of indigenous wisdom for our kid.

The Cycles: 2012 in the Inka Tradition with Jorge Luis Delgado

Jorge Luis is way-shower for this 10th Pachacuti, this time when the world is being turned upside down. He teaches that a new consciousness is emerging, one leading to a Golden Age that will be fully activated by 2012. He is a keeper of the ancient knowledge and uses it to assist in healing for all who are ready. He will speak about the return of the sun and the light within. In the Inca tradition, there is no separation between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Jorge Luis Delgado is an expert at walking this path between both worlds. He received his early training from the Kallawaya shamans of the NE Lake Titicaca region, the lineage of the Wise Ones of the Andes, and from the Q’ero elders of Cusco, who are the last remaining tribal descendents of the Incas. Author of Andean Awakening: an Inca Guide to Mystical Peru, Jorge Luis is recognized worldwide as an authority on Inca philosophy, spirituality and tradition. He was featured in the BBC documentary, Everyman, and is frequently interviewed on Peruvian television. Jorge hosted the 2nd Elders Gathering at Lake Titicaca in March of 2007. He has offered workshops in North, South and Central America, as well as Europe. Jorge teaches annually at New York City’s Omega Holistic Institute and at the New York Open Center. Learn more about our upcoming trip to Mexico in March 2013 here .

Heart-Based Learning for a Head-Strong World with Bonnie Glass-Coffin

“The unexamined life is not worth living!” declared Socrates when on trial for encouraging his students to challenge the accepted beliefs of the times. Bonnie will speak to the notion of how shamanic masters are opening travelers to the challenge of deep inner-exploration.

Bonnie Glass-Coffin, PhD, is a Professor of both Anthropology and Religious Studies at Utah State University. In 2004 she received the CASE/Carnegie Foundation’s U.S. Professor of the Year Award for the state of Utah. She has studied Peruvian shamanism since the 1980’s and is the author of two books and dozens of academic articles. Her book, The Gift of Life: Female Spirituality and Healing in Northern Peru (University of New Mexico, 1998) was the first to address the important role of women as healers on the north coast of Peru. Currently, her work focuses on the role of shamanic healing in personal and planetary transformation, and, as an endorsed teacher of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition (founded by don Oscar Miro-Quesada), she brings heart-centered learning to her students at Utah State University as a way to restore the true meaning and purpose of a liberal education.


6- hours of insightful information from leading experts on Peru.  A spiritual travelogue will take you to Cuzco, Lima, Lake Titicaca Machu Picchu and beyond.


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