The Womb Class by Cindy Lindsay-Rael


Cindy Lindsay-Rael ( has worked for 12 years within the traditions taught by Swami Kaleshwar in India. She is a graduate of Soul University in Penukonda India and a certified teacher and healer of these practices. The reverence for the Mother and her divine energy and the understanding of creation energies in this tradition is deep and powerful.

Prior to this, Cindy was a healer for over 10 years in the Inka Shamanic traditions of Peru. In those traditions she studied with Alberto Villoldo, Jose Luis Hererra, Don Martin Pinedo and also took classes with Michael Harner and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

The energy of the ancient Hindu system is so strong, she no longer from the shamanic approaches she previously used. This is her final shamanic class and is only available here.



Audio Download – The lloq’e Power of the Womb. The Power of the Womb – Full 10-hour class. A ten-hour class by Cindy Lindsay-Rael.  This class comes with an instructional manual. Cindy is available for sessions and support (additional fees apply)

Introduction download will become immediately available. Manual will be sent upon registration.

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