As a freshman at the University of Southern Maine, the first paper I was required to write was about a "Significant Event." Still mad at my mother for not taking a day off to get me to college on time, I embellished the bus ride from Grey Hound BusMassachusetts to Maine to an epic start on my college life. A few days later this masterpiece was placed faced up on my desk with a C-.

At the time my hopes of becoming a writer were shattered. Looking back I see that shuffling luggage through Boston had less of an impact than the red note scribbled on the corner of the double-spaced document stating, "This event is not significant." For years I carried the resentment like a bow wrapped around a box of an unopened gift.

This memory resurfaced this week as I launched a contest called Stand Out From the Crowd. The winner has an opportunity to win a  5-week mastermind program and individual coaching session by simply sharing their own pivotal story of finding out they were different in life. The prize is a unique program called Finding Your Authentic Business Brand using a unique Shamanic overlay to one's business brand.

During the process people will uncover their brand through an exploration of the business archetypes or energies operating in both their business leadership styles and marketing practices. As in life, good business includes an inventory of one's assets and liabilities in order to focus one's strengths and remove the lost leaders to streamline the organization or individual. In this process we will do this work with some simple energetic techniques that will shed light and shift unconscious behaviors and strengthen star qualities. If we are competing with other businesses we are relying on energies of lack and limitation; our goal is to be the shining star that stands out from the crowd.

What I am learning from the contest is that most limited energy patterns emerge in childhood when we see ourselves as separate from others. The work will reveal that the model is no longer appropriate as we are moving into a time period where the collective consciousness is shifting; what was once hidden is being revealed and science is proving without a doubt that we are all connected. During the process we will use this information to help people uncover their unique brand identity in a changing matrix.

New professions and business services are needed as the collective consciousness awakens. Over the summer I met a dozen young farmers who are apprenticing to grow food. This past week a mother told me her upper middle class daughter raised in a conservative town is studying to be a tattoo artist. Now it is important to acknowledge and support our individual differences as they relate to the new collective willingness.

I have since stopped believing I am not writer and I am currently working on a book that will use these tools for awakening compass as a navigational tool for both business and emotional windstorms. The pivotal story is no longer the bus ride to college. In fact, I realized that my differences were apparent in six grade when the angry young men protested with audacious behavior and signs; running down the hill screaming, "Down with Renee!" Even back then I was a leader for change; fighting a daring cause of independence from the norm, making them uncomfortable in their young manhood.   Acting as the lightening rod of change throughout my life was the core of my differences and brand. What makes you tick? Please share your story here:


Renee Baribeau, known as The Practical Shaman, is offering a great 5-week online workshop beginning October 9th called "Finding Your Authentic Business Brand," where she will be introducing Business Archetypes and Relational Marketing Techniques.

Using an inspired approach, this is a unique program where you will finish with a clear image of your business archetypes as it relates to your brand identity, you will get matched to the appropriate social media channels to promote effectively, and have blocks cleared and assets strengthened. Renee is going to help you become successful in your businesses by sharing the secrets of how she became successful in hers. In addition, the workshop is supported by Suzanne Fageol, an archetype expert, and Arlette Capel who is Passionate about Design. What makes you different? Do you dare to stand out from the crowd? Tell us here:


And now you have a chance to participate in this unique online course for FREE. Tell your story for a chance to win the five-week course to Find Your Authentic Business Brand. To enter, please take ten minutes out today to share a story of when you learned you were different. Once you enter, please share and invite your friends to do the same.

If you win you can become razor-focused this fall in your business!



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