Meditation to help you navigate the day, no matter what winds are blowing.

Are the Winds Providing You the Power to Achieve your Goals?

Book Your 30- or 60-minute Pragmatic Soul Card Reading

When you schedule a Soul Card Reading with Renee, you will enjoy her straight-forward and practical process. The information you discover in your session will be accurate and insightful.

“Just one reading from Renee was all I needed to go from disbeliever to semi-woo.  What she shared with me was so spot on, and instantly gave me a sense of calm and a feeling of lightness in my heart.  I recommend her to anyone and everyone!” -C.

What's in Store For Your Life? Schedule a Card Reading.

30-MINUTE Reading $170 / 60-MINUTE Reading $350 includes a Wind Whistling Clearing

Renee’s laser focused reading is about mastering your Winds of Change.

“Renee’s laser intuition is direct, accurate and practical. I always leave a coaching session with her with new clarity and commitment to my goals and dreams.”

– Lori L

Open Yourself to the Wisdom of the Wind

“Renee is very practical. She cuts through any and all B.S. and gets to the core issue, even if you haven’t identified it yourself.”

“Renee has a keen ability to get to the heart of the matter in a compassionate and affirming way. “

“She is a forward-thinking healer and mentor whose life’s purpose is to help you live a more balanced and happy life – in the present, right now.”

“I have been so invigorated since we met and have a sense that I can tackle this! It feels really great!”

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Learn to Pronounce the Winds of Spirit

Learn to pronounce each Winds of Spirit in this guided teaching


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