ShuShu is the ancient Egyptian God of the wind, the atmosphere, and the space between the heavens and the earth. He personifies air, and his name means, “emptiness” or “He who rises up.”
Often depicted as sitting in a chair and wearing one to four feathers on his head, Shu’s duty was to maintain a separation between the sky and the earth. This wind represents a balance of earthly pursuits and spiritual aspirations. Shu is a preserving wind that can help restore balance in your life.

The appearance of Shu indicates that you have a blind spot, which calls for a closer examination of a specific area in your life. The aftermath of Shu’s pervasive and cold, cleansing sweep through your life may leave behind a situation that appears to be a pile of rubble, but once this wind subsides, you’ll find many precious jewels awaiting you in the empty space that remains. These jewels are designed to clear your vision and help you move forward.

With Shu, the prevailing winds challenge your very foundation. Whenever a group of small breezes converge at one point, they combine to create a more powerful storm that can sweep you off your feet and hinder your progress.
From: Winds of The Spirit; Aligning to Your Awakening Compass by Renee Baribeau
Art by Luis Tamani Amasifuen

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