“Does the Traveler Shape the Journey or does the Journey Shape the Traveler?” Where would you like to go?

  • Are you the person you have been waiting for to step fully into your spiritual calling?

  • Is your soul ready for this monumental shift in consciousness?

  • Are you ready to evolve and shift your perceptions?

  • Are you ready to discover your authentic self?

Join fellow seekers, medicine people, healers and shamans as we visit the native lands of Peru and Mexico.

During each journey, you will:

  • Experience wisdom teachings and ceremonies from medicine people and local shamans
  • Travel with small groups, receiving personalized attention
  • Prepare your luminous energy body for this monumental shift in space-time intersection
  • Receive the New Rites of Awakening
  • Participate in personal healing ceremonies

Why Travel with Practical Shaman Travel?

For over 17 years, Renee has been working with indigenous medicine people in the Andes and the Americas.  She has mentored with and hosted extraordinary medicine men and women from around the world in her home and throughout the USA. For the past two years, she has been leading small personal expeditions to the villages and communities of these medicine keepers,  sharing her resources and  knowledge with her clients and fellow travelers.

Our journeys are not mere vacations, but expeditions where we immerse ourselves in the rich, colorful landscape and cultures of Mexico, Costa Rica,  the Andes, and the Sacred Valley of Peru. You will receive  a warm, heart-opening welcome by new friends who share their lineage and prophecies generously with you.

Join us, and get ready to step outside of your ordinary life. Come warm your hands by the fire in ceremony, visit lost temples where you may rediscover your authentic nature, and come into proper relationship with all of life

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