Wayramama(HuayraMama): Right Relationship

Peruvian  Reciprocity

This week, the Wind Spirit Cards are reminding us to be in right relationship to our emotions. Since it arrives from the South, you are put on notice that compassion for yourself and others is needed during times of never ceasing winds. This is a time to pray.

For me, the goal is to stay positive, no matter what.  This does not mean I turn a blind eye to my surroundings. In a recent conversation with a friend, I mentioned that the unraveling of order is timely; it is the bringer of this disruption that is unconscious.

We need to share our light, and not get caught in the emotional chaos of swirling dust-storm.Click To Tweet

Along the invisible ceque lines are sequences of mountains, rocks, outcroppings, caves and stone fortes that are aligned to the astrological cycles. Hundreds of Haucas (holy places) dot the landscape of the Tahuantinsuyu, which is comprised of four suyus (geographical areas).

Haucas can incorporate themselves in many different forms such as people, birds and wind. Winds disseminated from these entities can be benevolent, disruptive, or deadly.

Power is the capacity to transform energy by aligning with the forces of nature.Click To TweetApus (mountain lords) serve as intermediaries between paqos, the Gods/Goddesses and the winds. There are many types of wind energies circulating throughout the Andes, including Wayramama, the mother of the sky who is envisioned as a great serpent that moves with a great wind. It is said in the Amazon that “when she takes a bath, the sound of thunder is heard between the clouds, but no rain will fall[1]”

Quero Prayer with Cocoa LeavesAll living things are animated by spirit. This concept is the sacred seed of reciprocity; today for me, tomorrow for you. From this core principle of Anyi, all actions flow, radiating outward from the heart, like the ceque lines found in the temple of the sun. Anyi also ensures survival. Growing potatoes on shallow terraces stacked along steep mountain cliffs requires support from others; all selfless actions are complimentary; today you receive, so tomorrow you must give back.

When Wayramama appears in your life, you are being called to take direct action that will elicit an acute awareness of the natural order in your life.


When mother wind appears in the South, examine how you are expressing yourself, and how you are transmitting energy into the world around you. Are you giving and receiving in a balanced manner, or are you leaking energy? A reciprocal transfer of energy is necessary if a transaction is to be successful.

If the furious winds of the Wayramama appear in the contrary position, it is time to take examine your less desirable traits. Thievery, deceit, laziness and incest, create hucha (heavy energies,) and discord. Now is the time to forgive yourself and others so that you may restore balance in your life.

Celebrate the Seasonal Winds

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[1] Inca Glossary. Accessed online http://www.incaglossary.org/a.html, July 15, 15.

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