On Easter, I celebrate 30 years of being free from the suffocating grip of alcohol.

My gift to you is my Resurrection Meditation.  Enjoy this gift from the 4 Cardinal Winds.



As a Shamanic Practitioner, I realize that there are living spirits who derive vicarious pleasure by using us as straws while we drink our cocktails.  Some are friendlier than others.  Years ago, as I was puffing on a cigarette, I became aware that a spirit was smoking through me.  Since that day I have yet to put tobacco to my lips.  My life improved once I quit drinking, but on occasion I am reminded that my inner demons still live on.  I’m grateful to be alive and healthy, unlike my father who died at the hands of a scotch demon, almost 3 decades ago.

Staying on this Recovery Path has required considerable work. I stay close to a few teachers who guide me.  My happiness and joy are sourced in the present, wind.

Years ago,  I’ve flew thousands of miles and drove countless hours to make amends to countless people. Most often it was about self-forgiveness and connecting with the Divine. One day, after making a graveside amends to Jim, my sous chef, whom I had challenged every day, I encountered a chance meeting with Grace.The following day I unexpectedly met his mother while attending a fair, 100 miles away, where I had driven to set one more wrong right. Struggling to find appropriate words I recounted my misgivings with her son. She looked into my eyes, and said, “I am here because he forgives you.” As I dropped to my knees in tears in disbelief, my heart suddenly opened and I felt an inner peace, a new faith. Over the years, whenever dark clouds would hover in my life, I would call forth the memory of this enlightening experience.

Find what brings you joy, and seek more from those moments.

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