Clear direction begins by knowing your current coordinates.

Once you know where you are you can adjust your sails.

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Aligning to Your Inner Awakening Compass for the Summer Solstice.

In Order to Get Where You Want to Go in Life You Must Be Able To:

  • Determine the direction you want to take and set accurate coordinates.
  • Track your position constantly.
  • Correct your course when necessary to make sure you arrive at your destination safe and sound.

Here is what other participants in this webinar experienced during the work

I was absolutely “blow away” by the energy of *TRUTH* and the amazing energy of the information. The creation stories, of the wind separating land from sky and so much more! I am a HUGE supporter! Can’t wait for the oracle cards. I love the way you give permission to have and keep the recording of the seminar, meditation and handouts to integrate this practice and knowledge in our lives over and over again. Much Munay to you to follow your passion and sharing the work with others. IT IS IMPORTANT!!! .

‘I found it very interesting. What I really like is the personification of energy as wind gods/goddesses. It’s a great tool to visualize the energy moving through you and to have an entity to call upon to work through different challenges.”

“I had an amazing experience,  with the north wind around all three, Faith, Family and community.
I am truly blessed to have this experience!”

“your class is grounding, quantifiable and measurable with specific targets along the way. I love it.
I was extremely helpful in the here and now.
You have a gift, the wind meditations are powerful and very visual, it opens my third eye.”

“Thanks for sending me the link to your webinar today Renee! The information is so interesting and useful.”

“I listened to the recording of the call yesterday, and the work was spot on. Thank you Renee Baribeau. The meditation brought me to the North, and it couldn’t be more true that my community, family, and faith foundations are getting a good shaking. The call reminded me that I can be ok sitting in this space – that I am ok.”

Purification Journey

An energy refreshment exercise

Summer Campfire at sunset

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