Renee Baribeau interviews Carl Greer, PhD, PsyD author of The Necktie and The Jaguar: A Memoir to Help You Change Your Story and Find Fulfillment


CARL GREER, PhD, PsyD, is a retired clinical psychologist and Jungian analyst, a businessman, and a shamanic practitioner, author, and philanthropist, funding over 60 charities and more than 850 past and current Greer Scholars.

How do you answer the call of your spiritual self? Is it possible to nourish the soul while also meeting your material needs? Can conscious reflection on our lives help us attain the wisdom that will make life’s journey a more pleasant one? The Necktie and The Jaguar is a thought-provoking memoir that offers the insight of a master in its author Carl Greer.

As Greer’s remarkable story unfolds, the reader is encouraged to ask questions about their life so they, too, might break from old patterns and live according to the needs of their soul.

Greer, a businessman, philanthropist, and retired Jungian analyst and clinical psychologist, describes his early life in a postwar, midwestern, middle-class upbringing tainted by a childhood tragedy that taught him to constrict his emotions. He found career success and built his wealth as the president of an independent oil and gas company. But at midlife, he recognized that his spiritual self was crying out for nourishment and expression.

Greer’s forays into Jungian analysis and martial arts offered some satisfaction of his longings for purpose and meaning as well as lessons for navigating career challenges. It was his shamanic training, however, that made a profound difference. Greer explains how he answers his soul’s needs through spiritual practices such as journeying to transpersonal realms, which led to his reinventing his life and devoting himself to the service of others while living with a deep respect for Pachamama, Mother Earth. Providing at the end of each chapter many thought-provoking questions that are pegged to its themes, The Necktie and The Jaguar encourages self-exploration and serves as a testament to the power of self-discovery, offering the reader insight and inspiration. As Carl Greer learned, you don’t have to feel trapped in a story someone else has written for you.
One hundred percent of the author’s proceeds for his books go to various charities via The Greer Foundation.

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