This week’s Winds of Spirit is Fūjin (Kami-Shinatsuhiko-no-Mikoto), Shinto Wind God of Purification

Request Fūjin, the “Prince of Long Breath,” to cleanse the air, provide stability, nurture your personal growth, and bring healing to the community.

Learning to ‘Ask the Right Questions’ is key to finding the answers you seek.Click To Tweet What are the pertinent questions you need to ask, and how should they be phrased?  Start your questions with Who, What, Where, and How?  Trying to make sense of the Why will not serve you as the Winds of Change continue to rage.

People throughout the world remain in shock.  As soon as they find their sea legs, they are wind slapped again by hostility and building resentment throughout the world. Football, the All-American Sport, has people fighting on the sidelines. It is easy to get caught up in the windstorm instead of tending to your personal agenda of healing.  Are you seeking to control issues, beliefs, or ideologies, when your own garden is full of weeds?

The healed person does not engage the fight for the sake of the battle.  Instead, the wise one seeks the counsel of the winds.  Ask Fujin to help you exhale and release all your ideas.  Then ask better questions. How can I be of service?

What type of questions can we ask to help us make sense when the Winds of Change are battering rams, knocking you to our knees? And while other people feel out of control as mother nature takes her toll, you become the agent of purification.  Fujin arrives from the East.  As promised by visionaries for eons, the world is being turned right side up.  Old ideas and beliefs will no longer serve you.

Move from the battlefield into your heart; then ask a better question.Click To Tweet

This week Fūjin arrives from the East, to help clarify your thoughts and beliefs. Things are not as they seem.

According to the 1,300-year-old Kojiki (Record of Ancient Matters), civilization came into being millions of years after the formless chaotic universe was created. Finally, at the end of seventh epoch of gods, Izanagi-no-mikoto, and his spouse Izanami-no-mikoto were granted the power to create the Japanese archipelago. As they stood above the chaos upon heaven’s rainbow (a floating bridge), they used a jewel-encrusted spear to pull the 6,852 islands out of the swirling waters. Next, they created their home of heavenly pillars, followed by eight major nature deities, including Kami-Shinatsuhiko-no-Mikoto: the wind.

A coaching client told about a new meditation practice she was using to help improve the flow of her writing.  The practice involves concentrating on the pineal gland, the brain space right behind your nose. In this Tom Kenyon meditation, it is suggested you focus on this doorway to access the higher realms of consciousness.

I suggested we pull  this week’s wind god/goddess and directional cardinal wind  from the Winds of Spirit Cards to see what jewel would emerge from the abyss. Fūjin appeared and led us beyond the field of thoughts, and beliefs, to a place where unimaginable new ideas await those who are bold, daring and enterprising.

“Sometimes the winds show us what we need to see whether we want to or not. Yesterday, Fujin roared in from the East bringing images of dams bursting, flood waters cascading, corset stays popping, and my entire body dissolving while a voice in my head shouted ‘let go.’ It was a hard, uncomfortable message for a control freak like me, but one I know is correct and one I am grateful for.  As difficult as it may be, I surrender, and can’t wait to see what comes next.”  Barbara

Cleansing Meditation with Fūjin, to gain clarity of mind. ( 7 minute)

  1. Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down.
  2. Close your eyes. 
  3. Take 3 cleansing and purifying wind breaths in and out.
  4. Focus your attention on your mind’s eye, in the front center of your brain, behind your lower eye socket, where your nasal cavity ends.
  5. Call to Fūjin. If you have a Wind Whistle play it (blow into 3 times calling to the wind god) as you journey.
  6. In your minds eye, imagine yourself entering into a doorway of a Shinto Shrine into the upper realms of consciousness.
  7.  As you pass through the doorway, you are entering into a chaotic abyss. Trust in the process. Bear in mind that everyone experiences time-space in a unique manner. ( My client and I both had a similar experience; however our symbols were uniquely personal)
  8. Ask to Fūjin to clear these swirling energies, so you may receive a gift bearing new thoughts, ideas, and pathways.
  9. Once you feel complete, return to your body following the same route through the temple home. (If you have a Wind Whistle, Blow it three times to seal the work and send Fūjin on his way).
  10. Take a minute to record your experience. Committing it to paper will help you navigate change.
  11. Please comment and share your experience below or on the Wind Believers Group Page.


Growth, abundance, and prosperity are assured when Fūjin arrives as the god Rajin (the god of Thunder), who disrupts your calm with a thunderous squall. Once the rain subsides and the clouds part, your path will become clear. Now is the time to “act as if you believe,” no matter what illusion nature holds before your eyes. Like the sacred isles of Japan, everything is connected; seeds carried on the breath of a wind are nourished during a rainstorm and thrive as they grow in the nourishing light. Now is the time to expand your knowledge. Take time to read a book, sign up for a workshop, or attend a class.

If you feel torn apart by a raging storm, like the scattered islands of Japan, now is the time take to examine your beliefs, thoughts, and actions and connect with the heavenly rainbow bridge of authority.

This material is sourced from my upcoming book, Winds of Spirit. (Hay House February, 2018) ® All Rights Reserved. May not be printed without authors permission. Please use share buttons.


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