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Renee Baribeau, The Practical Shaman; Introducing Business Archetypes and Relational Marketing Techniques.

Renee Baribeau is a Networking Guru, Social Media Expert, and Life Coach. Her job as facilitator will be to weave the calls so that in every segment you will get a clear understanding of the presenters’ business archetype and method of connecting to others in a genuine, heart-centered manner. Renee Baribeau, known internationally as The Practical Shaman, has been a forerunner, known to her community as a catalyst for change. Over the past 8 years she has build an Online Resource Directory, which has networks throughout the world.

Now she has gathered 20 experts who will share with you their life’s mission and how they have successfully integrated their life work into a lifestyle that works for them. Renee has developed a system for identifying your unique Business Archetype and has hand-selected individuals who will model these ideas to help you discover your own unique business/lifestyle blend. Following this 4-week telesummit, she will be offering an online group workshop so you can put these concepts into action. Register now and save $100.

Bonus Gift: Free Water Clearing Meditation. Find your peace here.


Tuesday, August 21, 11am PST (1pm CST, 2pm EST)

Jacob NordbyJacob Nordby • Authentic Engagement Using Social Media. Getting naked in public. Why sharing your bumpy, beautiful, real Self resonates with your social media audience.

Bio: Jacob Nordby is an author, speaker and coach. He was published alongside Jack Canfield, Renee Baribeau and others in Pearls of Wisdom: 30 Inspirational Ideas to Live Your Best Life Now and released his widely-reviewed first spiritual novel, The Divine Arsonist: A Tale of Awakening. He leads a large conversation with the tribe. Jacob teaches how to authentically leverage social media and other tech-tools to create viral conversation. Jacob’s passion is helping heart-centered authors, speakers and entrepreneurs share their best selves with the world, build a platform and earn a living doing what they love. Website

Bonus gift Meet Jacob and receive his ebook/audio program “ReMapping Your Life” Here.


Candess Campbell • Connecting to Ourselves all Over the World.

Bio: Candess M. Campbell, PhD is an internationally known Intuitive Life Coach, Intuitive Consultant and Reader, Workshop Facilitator, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and Energy Healer and the author of 12 Weeks to Self-Healing: Transforming Pain through Energy Medicine. She specializes in assisting others in regaining their own personal power and living a life of abundance, happiness and joy.

At the core of her business, Vesta Enterprises, Incorporated, is the belief that all healing is self-healing and that becoming conscious and making positive changes increases one’s personal power and enjoyment of life. She also believes that people grow and benefit from feeling safe and allowing themselves to receive. Her lifelong work has been to bridge spirituality and mainstream beliefs.

She has a large following in the US, Japan and other countries. She has a PhD in Clinical Hypnotherapy from APU and a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Gonzaga University. Website

One of the greatest ways to create your business is to learn to follow your own intuition. On my websites you can receive 4 Ways to
Develop your Clairvoyance that is full of information for you to begin!  here.

Dan Hanneman • The 15-minute Free Consultation: Time Waster or Relationship Builder?

Bio: Dan Hanneman has an extensive background as a professional counselor and certified hypnotherapist. He is known as “The BlockBuster” for his transformational techniques and messages that shift a person from feeling blocked to realizing their greatest potential. Dan has touched thousands of people’s lives through his personal work with individuals, speaking to groups, and writings. From a best-selling book series, Dan has co-authored the book, Wake Up Live the Life You Love – Living in Abundance, which featured internationally renowned legends including Anthony Robbins, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Dr. Michael Beckwith. He is the producer and host for the popular internet radio show, Spiritual RockStar Radio Show. Tune in here. Website

Bonus gift: 15 Minutes To Power and Alignment– Start Each Day Connected and Living From Your Inspiration Each Day, Get your free downloads.



Stacy Lee Goforth • What if I Miss My Calling?

Bio: Rev. Stacy Lee Goforth is an author, speaker, and Interfaith minister building bridges of understanding between people of all faiths. She helps educate people to the commonalities of the world’s religions and removes barriers of misinformation and misconception that are often the source of conflict. Stacy is author of The Divine Plan: Discovering God’s Plan for Your Life, and the mini-book: One Spirit … Many Containers: Finding God in Other Faiths, in addition to being a co-author in Pearls of Wisdom: 30 Inspirational Ideas to Live Your Best life Now with Jack Canfield and others. She is working on a memoir of her spiritual journey from fundamental Christianity to Interfaith ministry. Website

Bonus gift: Are you curious about other religions? One Spirit … Many Containers: Finding God in Other Faiths is a FREE mini-book that will help you begin to see the similarities of the world’s religions. Claim yours here.


Carol Woodliff • Evolving Your Business Without Leaving Your Clients Behind

“Being Authentic with Yourself First!” not evolving your business and keeping your clients. Clients may stay with you or go depending on whether it is right for them. I’ve never been attached to keeping my clients, only serving them for their highest and best good. “If you aren’t in alignment yourself, it doesn’t matter what you do, you come off false and nothing really works. If you’ve built an inauthentic business and you are evolving toward the authentic, you may lose clients who weren’t yours to keep.”

Bio: Carol Woodliff is a healer and intuitive coach based in Los Angeles, CA. She works with transformational leaders, entrepreneurs and spiritual seekers to move beyond those patterns that keep them playing small and into full creative expression and success. Carol helps clients find that personal mix of the mystical and the practical that honors both the spirit and the human journey here on earth. She is the author of From Scared to Sacred: Lessons in Learning to Dance with Life, which chronicles her own personal journey of being guided by a Voice of spirit and learning to live those teachings in life. It’s been called “A buffet for the modern spiritual seeker . . . a beautiful book. It is equal parts practical, mystical and just refreshingly real.” Website

Bonus gift: Her new book is now available on Amazon with free gifts for purchase through 8/31. Go here for details.


Asia Voight Animal Communications Expert • Keeping Clients Happy Year After Year

Bio: Asia Voight is an internationally known Animal Communicator, Intuitive Life Guide, Teacher, Inspirational Speaker, Radio Host and Author. Asia connects with animals on a soul level to help resolve emotional and behavioral issues and assists them in deepening their bond with their human companions. She also helps people to reconnect with their own intuition, healing ability, potential and life’s purpose. Throughout a fifteen-year practice, Asia has assisted over 60,000 animal and human clients. In her Animal Communication and Intuitive Development Workshops, Asia generously shares her skills by guiding course participants to connect with their own intuition, allowing them to uniquely open up to total brilliance in their lives. Asia’s work has been featured on ABC, NBC, and Fox TV as well as countless radio interviews like the Rick Lamb Show and Hay House Radio. Asia is published in three books, including Extraordinary YOU; The Art of Living a Lusciously Spirited, Vibrant Life and Pearls of Wisdom: 30 Inspirational Ideas to Live Your Best Life Now with Jack Canfield. Watch for Asia on the big screen, as her powerful story of fire and transformation will be highlighted in a full-length movie entitled Face2Face. Website

Bonus gift: Free Meditation. Claim yours today.


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Kelle Sutliff, Psychic Medium • Using an Intuitive to Guide your Business Relationships

The importance of grounding and getting your Psychic Cup of Coffee Everyday…Creating intentions for your business.

Bio: Kelle Sutliff is a 12-year veteran of psychic medium work. She has a private practice consulting one-on-one with clients. She volunteers her time on missing person cases, often working with Cold Case Collective out of Boston University. It is a group of psychics, police and private investigators working on cold cases and current missing person cases. She has also worked with the National Organization FIND ME. She has had much success in this line of work.

Kelle is also an author contributing to Pearls of Wisdom with her chapter called “Cup of Calm,” advocating the importance of grounding yourself every day. Her own book, Listen Up the Other Side IS Talking will be available summer of 2012. You can also find her on her radio program Psychic Cup Of Coffee on Tuesday 9pm EST on CBS Radio/The New Sky Radio.

Kelle is married and mother of three active teenagers living in Andover, MA. Website

Bonus gift: One question reading to be answered within 7 days via email. Get your reading now.


Stevi Belle • Building an Authentic Practice

Bio: Stevi Belle is internationally known as a teacher in the areas of Energy work and Glass. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Illinois. She has been on a healing path for more than 30 years. The path of discovery that she has traveled has led her to many areas of study including Healing the Light Body with Alberto Villoldo, Cranial Sacral at the New Mexico Healing Arts Academy, Dowsing with Anneliese Hagemann and Michelle Fitzgerald, Sound Healing with Jonathan and Andi Goldman, Pranic Healing with Master Stephen Co; ECT-Energetic Congruence Technique with Terri Kosmicki; Shamanic Journeying with Michael Harner, Flower Essences with Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz of FES, DNA of Healing with Margaret Ruby; Sound healing with Tom Kenyon, and classes with Cindy Lindsay Rael, Jose Luis Herrera, Swami Kaleshwar, Stuart Wilde, Lynn V. Andrews, Brugh Joy, Dan Millman, Flenn Chrestman, Lifespring, Dick Sutphen and other incredible teachers. Website

Free CD on Energy Management.


Bio: Dr. Sharron Stroud has been an International Speaker for 45 years and was honored with the TOP 100 SPEAKER’S OF THE WORLD AWARD. She was just acknowledged as the International Woman of Year 2012 for her work in the Humanities by the United Cultural Convention, and given the HUMAN RIGHTS AWARD by the City of Palm Springs where she serves as the Spiritual Leader of InnerFaith Spiritual Center Worldwide. Dr. Sharron’s work has been about teaching the Principles of Successful Living and Life Path Work. Dr. Sharron was asked to present at St. Catherine’s University in Oxford England, St. John’s University in Cambridge England, and she just returned from Africa where she spoke to 25,000 students and faculty at the Madonna University on the Biology of Belief.

Dr. Sharron studied with Ka Chi’ the High Chieftess of the Pueblo Nation for 10 years. The work included Vision Quests, Dolphin Runs, Singing Sweat Lodges, and Sacred Shield Creation. Jumping Through the Sacred Hoop will allow the energy field to create ritual space, go within and feel the rhythms of the drum beat of life pulsating through the heart chakra.

Bonus gift: A downloaded CD of the Biology of Belief. The Biology of Belief is working in every area of your life! Dr. Sharron Stroud gives her listening audience a Spiritual perspective of how the Laws of the Universe work! She shares how having a Spiritual Foundation allows each of us to spring forth into life with greater clarity, power and passion. Website


Edie Weinstein • Marketing your way to your Blissful Life

Start where you are: how do you view your life and business? Where do you want to take it? What are your dreams and desires? See it, feel it, know it, embody it. Who’s on your team? Who are your cheerleaders? Are there any naysayers (these could be other people or your own negative thoughts)? Finding ways to counter those thoughts. Creating mutually supportive relationships and win-win scenarios. Become a consummate networker. Lead with your strengths.

Bio: Edie Weinstein is a colorfully creative journalist, internationally recognized and sought after author and dynamic motivational speaker, interfaith minister, licensed social worker, BLISS Coach and PR Goddess. She is the author of The Bliss Mistress Guide to Transforming the Ordinary into the Extraordinary and invites people to live rich, full, juicy lives as they become the mistress or master of their own bliss.

Bonus gift: A chapter from the book. Claim it here.



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