Promoting Yourself Sucks

Lets face it; we live in a world where it is frowned upon to publicly discuss our true feelings such as fear, anger and disappointment. Talking about happiness is the preferred, safe playground for most. Last week I shared a personal experience on my blog about how I had changed my mind. One person responded by saying that it was “Egocentric babbling”. Truthfully, the blog was about correcting a poor decision, which I had openly shared on my social media wall. I ignored his comment because many others applauded my willingness to share my vulnerability by being honest.

When marketing yourself, it is crucial to wear a smile, no matter what rotten fruit lurks in your underbelly. If you want to succeed, you need to paint a picture of prosperity.

Early in my restaurant career I realized that people preferred to line up waiting for a seat at a busy restaurant rather then go to one that was partially filled with patrons.

How do you promote yourself in a world that considers talking about yourself less than a favorable act?  The World Wide Web has great benefits and glaring setbacks. Although there are great opportunities to meet others, you can also be the target of ridicule and criticism.

If you are using social media to build your platform, be sure to use discretion when expressing yourself.  On my private FB page, 90% of all posts are personal, while on my business group page only 10% have anything to do with me.  Learn to use social media in a manner that makes you stand out from the crowd.

For the past year I have been working on my new book. Attempting to write a book while trying to earn a living is a daunting task.  According to Seth Gordon, an estimated 15,000,000 books were published in the US in 2012[1]. Yikes!  Although it may take a year or more to write the manuscript, the work has only begun.

How do you get yourself to the top of a mountain and be recognized as an expert in your field?  There is an annual 6K tram run/walk in the desert where I live. At daybreak, thousands of people gather to begin the 2000-foot vertical climb. Only a few skilled runners are able to cross the finish line in under 30 minutes. The rest of the group slowly spreads out along the course with the last person finishing in 2.5 hours. Life is about steady progress towards a goal. Detours often turn out to be the appropriate course to take. The walker who limped across the finish line with the help of friends required assistance and guidance, while the solo runner who crossed at a record pace had more skill and was able to act independently.

Business CoachingThe first runner had the passion, motivation and will to properly train. The last was committed to finish the race. Both are necessary skills in business, as is promoting your brand. Learning to develop your brand on social media requires a compass and a well laid out map before you can cross the finish line. Last year I finished strong in 1 hour and 20 minutes. This achievement gave me encouragement to move forward with my book. Today, as I struggle to complete it, I am faced with the prospect of having to promote and market it.

Learning to promote my book is like training to climb a mountain.

Some days the process is like a walk the park; at other times I find myself searching for crevices to dig my feet and fingers into as I scale a seemingly insurmountable mountain.  Both represent the journey to the top; a constant vacillation between ecstasy and frustration.

This fall I am offering two separate courses to help others wanting to build and develop a strong presence on social media.

For those who prefer a group approach I am offering my “Finish the Year Strong Program,” and for those who like the solo climb,  “Rent my Brain,” is a hands-on one day, one-on-one coaching program.


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[1] Bertram’s blog, “How Many Books Are Going to be Published in 2012? (Prepare for a Shock),, (accessed November 2, 2013)


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