What is a Shaman?


A shaman is a person who, chosen by the community, interacts with both the mundane world and the world of spirits, acting as an intermediary between the two.

The shaman, responsible for the health of people on all levels (spiritual, physical, and mental), may be called upon for healing or their skills in ritual and divination. A shaman enters altered states of consciousness in order to interact with supernatural world where he or she may need to overcome certain obstacles in order to influence the world of the spirits. It is through this intense initiation that the shaman gains additional healing abilities and insight.

In-person or long distance skype/phone sessions available.


Soul Card Divinations – 30 minute $125 /1 hour $200

Divination is all about accessing a deeper universal consciousness, a totality of awareness of one’s inextricable solidarity with the entire earth community in partnership with a sacred cosmos. Renee uses Soul Cards to answer questions posed by the client. She gathers reliable information, guidance and wisdom, which will direct the session. Divinations can also be performed long-distance (without the client being present in the room when the journey is taken by the practitioner). It requires nuance and skill to understand how to frame and ask questions of the spirits and then communicate their answers. Sometimes, the answers are quite specific, practical and logical; at other times, the answers are transcendental and metaphorical.



Soul Retrieval Sessions – $350

Soul Retrieval refers to the psychological and healing process that seeks to retrieve the client’s lost soul parts and integrate those parts back into their being. In this 2 hour session,  using tools of divination and journey work we will explore aspects of your soul personality and development. Depending on the trauma and personal development of the client, several sessions are usually required to perform successful soul retrievals.


Ready for a Complete Overhaul? Shamanic Tune Up – $1200

Applied Shamanic Technique with Modern Tools for Awakening. Beginning with a Soul Card Divination, Renee will work with you weekly.  In each of the four successive  sessions, the shamanic work will go deeper. Our goal is to realign your body, mind and spirit. Our work will together will culminate with a Destiny Retrieval.  Methods we will use will include: Ancient Shamanic Energy Work, Modern Science meet Spirituality Tools including: The Portacle and The Trinfinity8.


In-person session have the added benefit of Don Estes Sound Wave Table.


Meditation to help you navigate the day, no matter what winds are blowing.

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© Copyright Renee Baribeau.

All Rights Reserved.

Brand & Website by Kaye Putnam

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