12 Weeks to Self-Mastery

 Align Your Compass to Magnetic North

Magnetic North is your sweet spot. You know your compass is pointing Magnetic North when: you are passionate about life, your needs are met, you obtain measurable results, and you experience a sense of fulfillment by contributing to humanity. Do these qualities describe your life? If not, this program is for YOU!

During this program we will work together in powerful 3-month increments to make lasting changes in your body, mind, and spirit. During this process you will uncover your passions and your blocks. We will also set achievable, prioritized goals in all areas of your life: Career, Personal Relationships, Wealth, Spirituality and Health.

After establishing your personalized compass we will chart your road map, focusing our energies on creating a workable monthly plan. During the process we will  utilize a number of tools including coaching, energy work, and pragmatic networking with other experts in their fields.


Get Ready to Recieve These Gifts:

  • Experience the importance of feeling good (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually)
  • Discover the practical aspects of energy
  • Create your desired end result, at your own pace, with guidance and support
  • Reclaim your power
  • Live an authentic life
  • Communicate with ease
  • Move forward with GRACE
  • Feel overflowing gratitude for your life
  • Achieve measurable goals
  • Do what you love – and love what you do
  • Improve your relationships

Transform Your Inner and Outer Worlds

Are sick and tired of being sick and tired and stumbling over the same blocks in life that arise in various forms but are ultimately the same? 

Are you ready, willing, and able to commit to a rigorous program of introspection and change?

Yes? Read on…

 Who this program is for?

  • You are certain you came here to do something crucial, still you have not found Magnetic North, which is your sweet spot.
  • Navigating from Magnetic North eludes, yet drives you.
  • Your life mission depends on getting clear on your work of service in the world.
  • You have big dreams for success and yet aren’t sure you have the tools to make those dreams a reality.
  • You are a heartfelt and soulful entrepreneur who wants to improve the world.
  • You are a change-maker who is ready to committ to your goals.

Who this program is not for?

  • Your dreams and goals are not important to you.
  • You jump from teacher to teacher, looking for them to fix you.
  • You are looking for the easy route; hoping someone else will neatly coil your ropes, or adjust your sails.
  • You are not capable of honestly looking at yourself from a new lens.
  • You seek the approval from others before choosing with your heart.
  • You are comfortable in your suffering, and believe life is happening to you.

Ask yourself:

Are you ready to take the necessary steps to surrender your self-defeating patterns? 

Are you willing to take an honest inventory of your gifts and shortcomings?

Are you able to physically, financially, and personally commit to a transformational program?

Hear From Renee’s Clients

Shout out to Renee Baribeau for her support and magic helping me to get through a rough period of my life. I am known as a strong woman yet I was surprised how insecure and helpless I felt at the time when I reached out to Renee. She was there for me and methodically guided me back on the right path while restoring my confidence

Minoo A

Corp Executive

Renee’s clients tend to be highly successful individuals who, nevertheless, sometimes still struggle with the internal demons that keep them from fulfilling their true purpose and power. 

They appreciate the individual, unconditional love and attention that Renee provides, including her straight-forward approach to life.

When I came to Renee, I was at a low point in my life. My father had died the year before and I was dealing with a crumbling family dynamic. I was unsure of my next step professionally and I was tired, drained, directionless and paralyzed with grief and indecision. I knew it was time to move forward, but I wasn’t sure how. My friend recommended Renee. I was deeply skeptical and I challenged her. During our first meeting I told Renee that I didn’t know how she was going to help me and I didn’t think it was going to work. I couldn’t have been more wrong. A year and a half later, I have started my own film finance and production company and just finished post production on my first feature film that I executive produced and produced. I am happy, driven, focused and dating. I am deeply thankful that Renee is a part of my life. It is her compassion, tools and discipline that re-centered me and continue to help me grow, achieve and thrive while working towards my highest potential.


Renee helped me prioritize what I am passionate about in my life and worked with me to set goals to move forward. She introduced me to concepts that provided healing and awareness.  She helped guide me to surround myself with people and tasks that were good for me and for eliminating the energy involved in tasks and thoughts that were not. She allowed me the space to choose when I was ready to do the work necessary to make changes in my life.  Her coaching was the start of my journey into an integrative nutrition program.  Renee provided me with the foundation for growth at a time when I was feeling stuck.

Renee L. Harkey

My life completely changed once I started my sessions with Renee. Her no nonsense, straightforward approach was the catalyst I needed to start making positive changes in my life. Renee offers spiritual and practical tools that you can immediately put into practice to witness impactful personal growth. My confidence increased, I’m now able to maintain a loving committed relationship and she helped me create healthy boundaries in both my personal and professional life. Renee is a unique grounding force who has a special gift for insight.

KZ Television Executive

Renee has one of those unique abilities to see people people for who they are, warts and all, while also helping them achieve their maximum potential and be their best possible selves. She’s instructive without being critical, and I would be a much worse person had I never been fortunate enough to be the beneficiary of her incredible guidance

Daniel W.

Renee opened a door for me. I walked through and experienced a different reality that I didn’t know existed. She taught me tools to help me heal. I am a much happier person now, and I gained a dear, valued friend, as well. I wish I could share this secret, precious gift with everyone. The door is open. You just have to walk through.


Renee’s approach as a “practical shaman” is spot on.  That is, she works with each person to identify the places within where creativity and inspiration join – and then coaches through those growth spots to formulate a do-able plan for real world results.


Renee Baribeau is a soul coach, Hay House author, inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, and workshop leader, known and respected for her down-to-earth approach.

During her life, the wind gods have steered Renee’s course in many directions. A former chef, she opened the first farm-to-table restaurant in Central New York. In 2005, Renee established the Desert Holistic Network in Palm Desert, California, an online resource directory. Renee served as the Resident Shaman at We Care Spa in Desert Hot Springs. Since 2013, Renee has worked for Foundations Recovery Network, a national system of residential treatment facilities.

As a writer, Renee is the author of Winds of Spirit (Hay House, February 2018.) She’s also a featured contributing blogger for Elephant Journal. Renee has contributed chapters to the anthologies Pearls of Wisdom: 30 Inspirational Ideas to Live Your Best Life Now (Hierophant Publishing, 2012) and The Five Principles of Everything (Five Birds Publishing, 2012). She makes her home on the West Coast, and Whidbey Island.

About the Program:

A three month commitment is required to be considered for the program, which will include:

  • Weekly one-on-one phone sessions, ranging between 30-60 minutes as needed (with flexibility for travel)
  • Written monthly strategy recommendations will be created for you
  • Unlimited email, and text contact during process and one additional 15-minute call per week as needed
  • Additional time can be scheduled as needed at a reduced rate
  • Monthly group teaching calls are included
  • You will be one of no more than eight 1-on-1 clients

Some of the energetic tools that she uses include:

  • The Wind Work ® including Wind Whistling
  • Awakening Compass; a tool to help you discover your personal Magnetic North
  • Homeopathy – Renee works with board certified experts who can aid your healing
  • Sacred Play
  • Soul Card Readings

I am Ready to Adjust my Sails to Magnetic North

Extended Options

Your investment in this life changing work is foremost your commitment to you.

Renee will facilitate your process giving you insights and practical direction.

After our call, I was thinking about how lucky I am.  I love this work and what we are creating together.


Renee is the absolute best and really helped turn my life around so much. She’s a hybrid life coach/shaman…


Renee meets you where you are now and gives you practical tools to heal the wounds and get back to your foundation, so you can get to where you really want to be, not where she thinks you should go. Her clients continue to share their personal experiences of moving forward in their life with more joy and passion.


Working with Renee has done me more good than 10 years of therapy. Renee is a forward thinker—always a bit ahead of the times. If anyone ever told me I would be listening to business advice from a shaman, I would say they are crazy. But it works!

Head of a Fortune 500 company

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